For Dr. VanNoy and Dr. Sanchez you can book in the box below or access the portal below or HERE – Infinity Wellness Scheduling.  You will first select the appointment type and doctor. Then you will be asked to create a login using your email address and a new password. YOU MUST VERIFY YOUR EMAIL to confirm your first appointment. If the appointment email doesn’t appear in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder. Save this login information for this new online portal to modify or cancel your appointment, and even schedule future appointments.

From this portal,

  • Patients can make, cancel and reschedule an appointment
  • Patients can refill supplements
  • Patients can view/print nutritional protocol(s).

Dr. Wards is taking New Patients on a limited basis who are committed to their health journey.     

Apply HERE to book your initial telehealth consult (future visits may be in person if desired).




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