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Our society is experiencing a dramatic rise in chronic inflammation and autoimmunity. In America, it’s the third leading chronic disease behind cardiovascular disease and cancer. For those with an autoimmune disease, managing symptoms and getting back to feeling like yourself can be a challenge, especially when traditional health practitioners fail to effectively diagnose and treat the root problem.

Research shows us that about 25% of autoimmune conditions come from genetics, and the other 75% is environmental. Of those environmental factors, there are at least seven primary ones contributing to autoimmune conditions:

  • Gluten Sensitivity
  • GMOs
  • Gut Dysfunction
  • Neurological Stress
  • Toxins
  • Stress and Adrenal Fatigue
  • Infections

Our doctors are experts at uncovering your autoimmune condition by identifying its core cause(s). Furthermore, they offer a treatment protocol tailored specifically for you, typically comprised of tackling one or more of the five following factors:

  1. Heal your gut. Intestinal permeability or leaky gut syndrome is a condition where the intestinal lining is damaged. The damage to the gut lining allows food particles, bacteria, and toxins to seep into the blood stream. When the immune system recognizes that bacteria and undigested food particles are in the blood stream, it goes on high alert, as this could be life-threatening. So the body initiates a chronic inflammatory process in order to reduce the bacteria, toxic debris, or food particles in circulation.
  2. Eliminate food sensitivities. Food sensitivities are often a result of leaky gut syndrome, resulting in gut inflammation when we consume them. This inflammatory process further damages an already inflamed gut and intestines.
  3. Balance your blood sugar. When we have blood sugar imbalances, we cycle through periods of both high and low blood sugar, which impact cortisol and insulin levels. Over time, the body becomes resistant to both insulin and cortisol, and we end up with increased inflammation.
  4. Optimize your Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D helps balance our immune responses.  Studies have shown that Vitamin D deficiencies are associated with increased autoimmune development and susceptibility to infection.
  5. Boost up your Glutathione. Glutathione is known as the body’s “master antioxidant.” It’s produced by every cell and its function is to protect our DNA.

There are a number of recommendations we can make to get you back on the path to living an active, vibrant life. As you adopt these healthy lifestyle habits, you’ll be shifting your future for the better. By proactively working to improve those five factors, you’ll be taking a critical step in reversing and preventing autoimmune conditions.

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