Gut Healing Program: 3 Months to a Healthier You!

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Patient Journey

At Infinity Wellness Center, our goal is to find and correct the core root cause of symptoms such as chronic fatigue, pain, GI issues, and other symptoms that have been written off or covered up by the traditional medical model. Our focus is to implement long-term and sustainable changes in your health that result in a newfound state of well-being.

What We Do and How?

As data driven functional medicine doctors, we look at your body from different aspects to bring balance. We focus on removing environmental toxins, infections, and hormones that are in excess, and adding vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and hormones you are in need of. By giving the body what it needs, and taking away what it does not, the body is able to heal. We truly believe that when given the proper environment, the body can heal. Your body is designed to heal! 

How Do I Get Started?

Begin at our appointments page.

Whether you are local to Austin or not, we can help!

VISIT #1 – Cost $535

The first visit includes the initial consultation via a Zoom call; this is an extensive time-line health history and symptom rating chart that we will develop together. In this appointment, we will take the information gathered to determine if your case is a good fit for our program. IF you are a good fit, we recommend which functional labs we need to run to get to the core root cause. If we determine you are not, we can make a recommendation or referral.

VISIT #2 – Cost $535

Your second consultation is called a Report of Findings, also our favorite day. This is where questions of what is causing your symptoms will be answered. It can be a very validating and emotional visit. Via telehealth, I always record this visit for you to have and review. It will ideally be 2-3 weeks after your initial visit. This is where we will review all your labs and recommend a treatment plan that is personalized and customized based on your body’s chemistry. If you agree with the treatment plan and choose to accept care, we will start you into The Infinity Way program right away.

Will I Need Functional Lab Testing? And What is the Cost?

If you need deep cellular healing or balancing – especially if you are suffering from fatigue, anxiety, or insomnia issues, we will need to gather data. We have different levels of lab packages including functional blood chemistry, genetics, hormones, heavy metals, brain chemicals, mold toxicity, environmental toxins, micro-nutrients, and Lyme Disease/Co-Infections. Labs can range in price from a couple hundred dollars up to several thousand. We will always be transparent about pricing prior to running labs.  Functional lab test pricing begins at $455 /lab to $705/lab.  Most people need multiple labs run to determine their root cause.

What if I Have Lab Work Already?

If you have any blood lab tests that are less than 90 days old, we can use those as a reference and starting point. However, unless you have been under the care of another functional medicine doctor, chances are the labs will not have the same data we are looking for to uncover your root cause. If you have a major diagnosis like Lyme Disease or MTHFR gene defect, please do give us a copy of the results to have on file. Please provide any existing labs several days in advance of your appointment so we have sufficient time to review those.

What Happens After I Order My Labs?

Labs are drop-shipped to the shipping address you provided and can take around 5-7 days to be delivered. It is very important that you follow the instructions that come with your lab(s). Please complete the labs as soon as you can. Results can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks to complete depending on the lab type.

How Can You Help Me?

After two decades of patient care, Dr. Wards developed The Infinity Way™ program, and we’ve found this is right starting point for 99% of patients.  We work with patients in our 3 or 7 month process that is designed for busy people to take control of their health in a practical, doable way.   We take a team approach focused on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of healing. Together, our team can help you heal.

What Does The Infinity Way (TM) Program Entail?

In The Infinity Way™, we will address and heal every organ system in the body.  Everyone in our care goes through the foundational healing protocol designed in the program.  Each month, when you meet with your doctor, we will customize and personalize the foundational protocol for you based on your body’s individual chemistry and lab data.

The Infinity Way™ program was developed by Dr. Tenesha Wards. It is a combination of modules in an online platform as well as weekly and monthly face to face consults with your assigned doctor and health practitioners. The modules include full body healing where we restore and rebuild every organ system in the body. Then, we focus on detoxing the liver and removing any underlying toxins and infection. Next, your doctor will meet with you to personalize and customize the program to your individual body’s needs.

Do You Treat and Diagnose Conditions?

The medical model of diagnosing and treating conditions is what the current medical model does. The functional medical model, which is what The Infinity Way is based on, does not treat or diagnose specific conditions. Rather, we look for root causes or “The Why” you are presenting with symptoms. Once we know what and why, we can help you fix it! At Infinity Wellness Center, our doctors and practitioners focus on the root cause of illness and teach clients how to remove the identified interferences and how to support the body so that it can heal. Our practice focuses on teaching and coaching individuals on how to resolve and support their conditions.

I’m Not Local to Central Texas, Can You Still Help Me?

We can see people all over the world! We use a secure HIPAA compliant platform through our software, Practice Better, which is similar to Zoom. This gives us the ability to have a private face-to-face conversation no matter where you are located. We ship labs directly to your doorstep, complete with a self-addressed return envelope. If we have recommended blood labs, we will create a requisition for you to go to your local Labcorp. Our clients love the virtual model because they can have their appointments from anywhere. From home, their office, and even their car!

Do You Work With “XYZ”?

Our model of health is to uncover the root cause of conditions, no matter what they are.  We will use your history and the data from your labs to look under the hood and understand what is attributing to your condition.

Do You Take Insurance?

Unfortunately, the insurance model does not recognize this type of health care. The current medical system that is under the coverage of health insurance is a ‘Diagnose and Treat’ model where the treatments typically consist of a pharmaceutical to cover up the symptoms, or even surgery (which may be needed in severe medical cases). But we know true healing does not come from a bottle. The holistic or functional model of health does not diagnose nor does it treat. Therefore, our model does not fall under insurance coverage. However, in some instances based on your FSA / HSA account, costs may qualify for reimbursement. We can offer treatment codes to submit for reimbursemt upon request.

Last Thoughts

If we choose to work together using The Infinity Way™, you will receive a system of care that has been put together in a formula that has made a tremendous breakthrough in health recovery.

We are not addressing your health problems on only one level but on many levels, all at the same time, which no other system does. When a person needs this system of care, then their condition will probably not get solved any other way.

Because of this, we are able to help many problem cases that other doctors are not able to help. We address what is imbalanced within you. You will not only experience symptom relief but a deep healing process in all aspects of life.