Causes & Natural Solutions of Chronic Headaches

Stop the pain and get back to balanced.

Some are merely nuisances, while others can be debilitating. There are dozens of causes for them–everything from caffeine withdrawal to allergies to poor posture can cause a headache. Did you know, though, that many types of headaches actually indicate an imbalance in your organs? Next time you find yourself with a headache, observe and see what message your body is sending you.

Stress Headaches – caused by overwork, stress, tension, or exhaustion, indicate an adrenal imbalance. These headaches usually occur in the late afternoon and are accompanied by difficulty concentrating, feelings of exhaustion, and low blood pressure. If you suffer from these types of headaches, you will benefit from stress-reduction techniques like meditation, acupuncture, biofeedback, massage, and yoga. Hot baths, steam rooms, and saunas can also help relieve stress and increase circulation. Stress headaches are often the body calling out for more oxygen. Sit down for five minutes and take 10 long, deep meditative breaths, and many times you will discover your stress headache is gone.

Blood-sugar Headaches –  caused by low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and high blood sugar (hyperglycemia), indicate a problem with your pancreas and adrenals. You might get one of these types of headaches if you skip a meal or wait too long between meals to eat, causing your blood-sugar levels to drop. If you suffer from these types of headaches, you’ll likely be stressed and tired and crave sugar. If you notice that you’re developing blood-sugar headaches, avoid all refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, candy, and pasta. Drink water, eat some clean protein like turkey, chicken, or fish with no carbs. Check with me to see if you need supplements to support your liver or adrenals.

Hormone-related Headaches – feel like tightness or pressure in the skull. These indicate a pituitary problem, and they are often very painful. They may feel one-sided or throb intensely. They often occur during ovulation, before menstruation, or during menstruation and menopause. These headaches may be accompanied by acne and severe mood swings. Natural hormone therapies and other supplements may be helpful if you have these types of headaches. Consider having your hormones tested to customize a plan unique to your body.

Liver Headaches – are often accompanied by the symptoms of toxicity, such as nausea and stomach upset, aches and pains, nightmares, anxiety, and insomnia. These headaches are often centered over the right eye. If you have these types of headaches, you should avoid all fried and high-fat foods, as well as refined carbohydrates, and trans fatty acids (such as partially hydrogenated oil, found in margarine, fast foods, and many “diet” foods). Take extra minerals – even doubling your dose for a few days. Consider a program to detoxify your liver.

Thyroid Headaches – are caused by a low metabolism and are usually accompanied by a low body temperature. If you have a dull headache when you get out of bed in the morning and find that it slowly goes away by the middle of the morning, you likely have a thyroid headache. (These headaches normally subside as your metabolism rises.) If you suffer from these types of headaches, you may need supplements to support your liver, thyroid, or adrenal glands.

Musculoskeletal Headaches – are caused by a vertebra out of alignment, most often in the neck. If your headache seems to start at the base of your skull and move from there, you need an adjustment. Rubbing EE oil into your neck can help. If a headache is accompanied by neck pain, add WO oil on the muscles in your neck until you can get in for a treatment.

Sinus Headaches – tend to form around the face, eyes, and forehead. Usually accompanied by the pressure inside the head or a tight feeling around the face, they may ebb and flow throughout the day. Using WO oil on your lymph glands under the chin, around the eyes, and even on the temples can help, as can adding EE oil on the base of your skull. Often this combination can work almost instantly. Getting clearings for allergies and changing the pH of your GI tract will resolve most of these headaches.

Morning Headaches – can occur if you clench your teeth through the night. Again, these headaches signal the need for a chiropractic adjustment. If you have TMJ symptoms of grinding teeth, jaw pain or popping, or morning headaches, you need to have your sacrum adjusted as well as some cranial work to realign the spine.

Of course, not all headaches are related to organ imbalance, but many of them can provide you with important information just the same. Perhaps you need to adjust your diet? Eating MSG, other food additives, and aspartame can cause headaches. Maybe you need supplements? Low levels of magnesium and calcium are often found in migraine sufferers. Whatever the cause, it is likely that a whole food diet, appropriate supplementation, stress-reduction techniques, and good chiropractic care can ease the frequency and severity of your headaches.

* The information in this article cannot be substituted for medical advice about your unique body. Call for an appointment to discuss questions or concerns.

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