Our goal is to find a comprehensive and affordable solution for each patient based on their individual needs. 

We are an out of network provider, which means you may be able to get reimbursement for the preventative care you receive through Infinity Wellness Center.  Although many of the services we provide may be covered by your insurance plan, we do not process any insurance claims through our office. We do accept Flex or Health Savings Accounts (FSA or HSA) and Care Credit, and we can provide coded Super-bills that you may submit to your insurance company. Blue Cross Blue Shield has been the best to date. You will need to contact your insurance provider to determine if nutritional consults are covered and your deductible amount.  Also,  many times Medical expenses are tax deductible. Talk with your CPA for specifics on tax deductions. 

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Visit #1 Initial Health Analysis and Consultation.                                 

This is the right starting point for every case.  This appointment includes the initial consultation, an extensive time line history and determination of the appropriate diagnostic lab package to fit your needs.


Visit #2 Report of Findings (ROF)

Once your results are back, you’ll sit down with your doctor for a 60 minute Review of Labs/Report of Findings appointment.  He or she will go over the findings in the lab and recommend what they feel is the best program based on The Infinity Way  to move forward.  Programs vary based on your individualized needs and lab results.   

What does the Infinity Way Program entail?
The Infinity Way program was developed by Dr. Tenesha Wards. It is a combination of modules in an online platform as well as weekly and monthly face to face consults with your assigned doctor and health coaches. The modules include full body healing where we restore and rebuild every organ system in the body. Then, we focus on detoxing the liver and removing any underlying toxins and infection. Your doctor will meet with you to personalize and customize the program to your individual body’s needs. We can do this virtually or in person. If in person, body work may be included.
How do I select the right doctor for my first visit?  
All our doctors have been trained in The Infinity Way, developed by Dr. Wards, using a holistic and functional medicine approach. We work as a “one team” approach on all of the cases and Dr. Wards oversees everyone’s plan. Our doctors and coaches are passionate and devoted to our patients’ full recovery and wellness. So we recommend you book with the one that has the availability that matches what you are looking for in your schedule.
Do you take insurance?  
Unfortunately, the insurance model does not recognize this type of health care. The current medical system that is under the coverage of health insurance is a ‘Diagnose and Treat’ model where the treatments typically consist of a pharmaceutical to cover up the symptoms, or even surgery (which may be needed in severe medical cases). But we know true healing does not come from a bottle. The holistic or functional model of health does not diagnose nor does it treat. Therefore, our model does not fall under insurance coverage. However, in some instances based on your FSA / HSA account, costs may qualify for reimbursement. We can give you codes to submit for reimbursement upon request.

**Will I need functional lab testing? And what is the cost?
If you need deep cellular healing or balancing – especially if you are suffering from fatigue, anxiety, or insomnia issues, we will need to gather data. We have different levels of lab packages including functional blood chemistry, genetics, hormones, heavy metals, brain chemicals, mold toxicity, environmental toxins, micro-nutrients, and Lyme Disease/ Co-Infections. Labs can range in price from a couple hundred dollars up to several thousand. 
During the initial consult we determine what labs we need to run for you.

     Why is Health Important?

    Because health equals happiness, we hope that you’ll take the time to speak with us if you have not been able to achieve your health goals. Clinical experience has taught us that we have to build health rather than treat disease. It’s better to follow a program tailored to you and observe the results than it is to follow the diet book of a person who has never met you.  We’d love to sit down and hear your story, to see if we can help.

    Please feel free to email any questions to info@AustinHolisticDr.com.


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