Our goal is to find a comprehensive and affordable solution for each patient based on their individual needs. You may pay at the time of your visit or you may purchase a package of visits to receive a 15% discount.

We are an out of network provider, which means you may be able to get reimbursement for the Chiropractic, Acupuncture, or Preventative care you receive through Infinity Wellness Center. Although many of the services we provide may be covered by your insurance plan, we do not process any insurance claims through our office. We do accept Flex or Health Savings Accounts (FSA or HSA) and Care Credit, and we provide coded Superbills that you may submit to your insurance company. Blue Cross Blue Shield has been the best to date. You will need to contact your insurance provider to determine what is covered and your deductlble amount.


Pricing for Dr. Wards or Dr. VanNoy  –  Schedule Appointment HERE


Initial Health Analysis and Consultation  (Children up to age 8 – 92.50/Pateint’s with Lyme – 285.00)185.00
This includes the initial consultation (40 minutes), Nutritional Response Testing and other appropriate diagnostic tests.  If you are a returning patient and have not been in for over 1 year – we will need to do a re-exam with your treatment.  The re-exam plus treatment (40 minute) will be $135.00
During the Second visit you doctor will review your Report of Findings answering any questions that you may have and depending on time, may or may not do any manipulations (40 minutes)95.00
All follow-up office visits thereafter, if paid at the time of each visit (generally 20-30 minutes), Lyme patient’s – 190.00 (2 visits)95.00
Follow up visits for Children up to age 847.50

No Charge for Child visit for maintenance care only under the age of 3 if treated with parents on a Natural Health Improvement Program.

Please note the following:


  1. Nutritional Supplements are extra, based on your individual program. Generally, the average cost of a nutritional program will run between $80.00 and $150.00 per month during the initial phases, and less for supportive. Some cases require more, some less. Each case is different and is managed individually.
  2. If you are positive for or suspect Lyme Disease your case is more entailed, extended office visits will be necessary after the first step.  If so, we may need to book two appoinment times for you.


If you are fully committed to restoring your health and wish to prepay for the recommended number of office visits for phases 1 and 2, we will pass on to you a bookkeeping savings of 15%, leaving the balance now payable of only $807.50 instead of $950.00  (a savings of $142.50) for your next ten visits.  We have found that taking care of the financial aspect before starting care takes away that obstacle so you can focus on healing.


When you do the pre-pay, each visit becomes $80.75 instead of $95.00.  Or you can chose to pay as you go at $95.00 per follow visit.


**Will I need lab testing (bloodwork or saliva testing)? And what is the cost? If you need deep cellular healing or balancing – especially hormonal, we may order blood or saliva tests. If you have any lab tests that are less than 6 months old we can use those as a reference and starting point. We belong to Labcorp CO-OP and are able to order blood tests for minimal costs. We are able to order an $1800 panel of blood work for $235.00. This blood panel will tell us thyroid function, mineral balance, kidney function, liver function, cholesterol, iron and B-vitamin balance.  Hormone or cortisol level testing is done through saliva.  Saliva testing ranges from $44 – $300 depending on what needs to measured.



Pricing for Dr. Massey




Genetic Testing Analysis Visit


  • Genetic Report Analysis of 23 AND ME report $365 

    In this appointment we analyze your 23 and me genetic report and formulate a protocol specific to your individual genetic needs.

    The 365 price is in addition to the regular appointment cost, as this is for the analysis we do prior to your appointment.
    **We do offer gentic testing in our office and do not need to schedule a seperate appointment to analyze our lab report.  This is only for outside gentic results, as it take extra time for us to read those reports prior to your appointment.



Why is Health Important?
Because health equals happiness, we hope that you’ll take the time to speak with us if you have not been able to achieve your health goals. Clinical experience has taught us that we have to build health rather than treat disease. It’s better to follow a program tailored to you and observe the results than it is to follow the diet book of a person who has never met you.  We’d love to sit down and hear your story, to see if we can help.


Please feel free to email any questions to [email protected] or call us to schedule a 10-minute consultation with one of our doctors at No Charge to see if we are a good fit to work together. We look forward to meeting you!