Gut Healing Program: 3 Months to a Healthier You!

How to Restore Health

The five “MUST DO’s” to restoring health and vitality.

If you are living the typical American lifestyle of too much work, not enough rest and play, poor foods, contaminated air and water, and an amazing amount of stress merely from trying to live life day by day and make ends meet, then you may be headed for adrenal exhaustion and all the side-effects of that condition. Even if you aren’t sick or have a diagnosed chronic condition of some sort, or even if you had great blood work on your last physical, you most likely need adrenal support to maintain the pace at which you are living. Adrenal support is vital to restoring endocrine balance, fighting off infection and viruses, aging gracefully and maintaining joint flexibility and energy and vitality for life.

These five “must do’s” aren’t step-by-step, in fact, many patients in my clinic are doing 3 or 4 of these steps concurrently. To regain your health and vitality quickly and effectively, you might need to be taking 6–10 different supplements at a time. These products are designed to work together, and it is nearly impossible to overdo healthy supplementation.

  • Detoxify the body and Repair the Gut
  • Restore alkaline pH to the tissues and ensure your body has the basic sources of fuel
  • Repair blood sugar and the Endocrine System
  • Eliminate chronic infection
  • Rejuvenate and maintain the body’s organ systems

Restore Alkaline pH

Restore alkaline pH to the tissues and ensure your body has the basic sources of fuel
The first goal on the way to great health is to restore the body’s pH to an alkaline range. If there was one thing and only one thing we could nutritionally do to help someone it’d be Restore pH! Almost all chronic illness takes place in a body that has become acidic due to the gradual depletion of its mineral reserves. This happens from stress, poor diet, lack of mineral rich foods, smoking, drug use (both prescription and recreational) and illness. Symptoms such as chronic fatigue, muscular aches and pains, joint pain, sleeplessness, air hunger (feeling as though you must breathe with a sigh to get a breath), itchy or flaky skin, irritable bowel and many more are often due to an acidic condition in the body.

It has been clinically established that the pH of the urine is an accurate reflection of the pH of the entire body. The state of the body’s acid/alkaline balance can be easily measured by testing the urine using pH paper. The urine pH is directly correlated to both tissue oxygen levels and soft tissue levels of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and trace elements. These minerals are the basic building blocks and energy source for literally every cell in the body.

Testing the First Morning Urine pH. First, the first morning urine is tested to determine whether the pH is acid or alkaline (the “first morning urine” is defined as the first urination after 5 AM). If the urine pH is acidic (a pH below 6.4), this indicates the body is in a state of distress due to insufficient minerals. Therefore, the immediate goal is to restore a consistently alkaline first morning urine pH (within the range of 6.4 to 7.0) by using fast-acting minerals that are highly ionized and easily absorbed. You may order pH paper from this site for your home use.

Testing the Evening Urine pH. Once the pH of the first morning urine stays consistently in the alkaline range (for a period of at least 2 weeks), the next step is to begin testing the evening urine pH (best measured just before the dinner meal around 5 or 6 p.m.).

You can directly determine if you are taking enough minerals, and absorbing them, if both urine tests are within the recommended range. If too acidic (below 6.4), consider taking more minerals daily, changing your diet and eliminating sugars, fast foods, caffeine and red meat. When your first morning urine pH is below 6.0 and you already have measured bone loss symptoms, usually larger amounts of calcium, magnesium and trace minerals are needed. See Bone Health for additional products to protect your body from bone demineralization. Add more leafy, green vegetables and low-sugar fruits to your meals. Exercise is also an important component of reducing the level of tissue acidity in your body, and sweating is extremely helpful.

Adding complete B vitamins in a natural, absorb-able form is vital. Your body simply cannot make use of synthetic vitamins made in a laboratory and introduced to your body without the co-factors necessary to absorb it. Every vitamin needs other nutrients with it to be utilized inside your body. Every action of absorption and utilization requires enzymes and other molecules that allow your body to make use of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other nutrients from foods and water.

To ensure your needs are met, we strongly recommend that everyone use a coral based calcium/mineral supplement, eat alkaline foods or take greens in a supplement, and omega oils as a basis for all your health needs. Whether your concern is menopause, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, athletic endurance, osteoporosis, or basic support for anti-aging, everyone benefits from proper nutrition reaching the cells of your body.

Balance the Endocrine System

The hormone balance of the body is a complex symphony of different regulating compounds. These compounds are internal messengers which are necessary to control and regulate the body’s processes. Since chronic illness, stress, and poor diet typically lead to hormonal exhaustion, the next step is to identify and support the glands which need more support to produce a sufficient amount of their hormones. Hormonal dysfunction can lead to global body symptoms such as sleep dysfunction, difficulty with the bowels, chronic fatigue, PMS, brain fog and other symptoms on the list of hormonal imbalances or adrenal fatigue. The most common areas which may need support are the adrenal glands, the thyroid, the pituitary gland, and reproductive hormones.

In chronic illness or fatigue, adrenal exhaustion is almost always present and is a key reason why many therapies fail. To help support and rebuild the adrenal glands, the use of adaptogenic (balancing, non-stimulant) herbs as well as specific adrenal support from herbs, vitamins and minerals is vital to regain and maintain health.

Typically, the thyroid gland becomes exhausted and the production of thyroxin, the chief hormone of the thyroid, may become significantly lower. Many women have had this tested at some point in their life, and many have been prescribed thyroid medication that may or may not have helped their symptoms. In many cases, thyroxin levels become depressed because of low progesterone levels. And progesterone levels are depressed due to adrenal exhaustion, as the body will “steal” progesterone and convert it to cortisol when the adrenals are stressed and need support.

The pituitary gland and its interactive pathways with the hypothalamus are often imbalanced, which can lead to global disruptions of the body’s hormone production. In these cases, many people are non-responsive to any type of therapy since even the body’s basic hormone pathways are “off line.” Adaptogenic herbs, brain foods, and minerals can support the pituitary and hypothalamus.

Detoxify the Body

You must begin to make changes in what you put into your body, as well as take out some of the things that are causing your problems. If you have ever taken antibiotics, the birth control pill, steroids in any form, eaten foods laden with pesticides, smoked cigarettes, used recreational drugs or had dental work, then your body may be full of toxic substances that are creating havoc in your digestive tract, immune system or endocrine system.

Whenever you take an antibiotic (which are grossly overused in our country), it kills off all bacteria that it encounters. Some of the bacteria in your body are “good” bacteria – necessary to maintain stability and health in your digestive tract. When the good bacteria are destroyed, a fungus called Candida can become rampant in your system. This is the same fungus that gives women vaginal yeast infections, gives babies and other chronically ill people the condition called “thrush” with a white coated tongue, contributes to allergies and sinusitis, headaches, constipation, irritable bowel symptoms and a myriad of other symptoms. You must eliminate candida from your body in order to regain health.

There has been a litany of journal articles written about the use of Mercury and other metals in dentistry. Silver amalgams contain approximately 50% mercury and 20% silver, with smaller amounts of copper, tin, and zinc. Every time you bite or chew, mercury vapors are released from your fillings and can end up in the sinuses, brain, eyes, ears, heart nervous system and GI tract. The amount of mercury vapor in the average mouth is 80 times above the established safety limits for mercury vapor exposure, according to government standards. Because mercury is cumulative in the body, the effects of this mercury buildup in the tissues may prove devastating over time for many people. Fillings that are five years old have been shown to contain only 28% mercury, (as compared to the original 50% when it was placed in your mouth), which means nearly half of that original mercury has leached into your body! In many countries, such as Japan, Germany, and Sweden, various types of silver fillings have now been banned. At a recent seminar I attended, a Dentist approached me and actually apologized to me for his profession’s use of metals, and suggested that he was afraid his profession was going to keep health practitioner’s such as myself busy for a long time to come. I was amazed at his candid and heartfelt concern, and happy he was at an educational seminar to learn new ways to help his patients without using metals.

Symptoms of toxic metal poisoning can be diverse and unexpected. See if you can find your own symptoms in this list:

Neurological symptoms like muscle spasms, joint pain, seizures, multiple sclerosis, migraines to emotional symptoms of depression, panic attacks, irritability, suicidal tendencies.

Cardiovascular symptoms of rapid heart beat, pounding heart, chest pain or tightness, even asthma.

Collagen diseases such as arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, burisits, Schleroderma.

Immune system problems such as easily catching colds or flu, chronic fatigue, susceptive to viral diseases, candida, and other immune problems.

Allergies, whether to foods or airborne substances. Environmental sensitivities and chemical sensitivity.

Adrenal exhaustion and hypothyroidism.

Female problems such as endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, PMS, infertility, migraines.

Prostate problems and urinary tract disorders.

Heavy metal toxicity may be one of the most overlooked diagnoses today. Ultimately, the best solution, if you have metal in your mouth, is to find a dentist schooled in the most modern, protective methods and have them replaced with completely metal free fillings. During that process, you must do a Heavy Metal Detox program to protect yourself.

If you cannot afford to remove the metal from your mouth right now, you can still help your body by removing some of the metals that have settled into tissues.

Eliminate chronic infection

Viruses, bacteria, candida, and parasites can wreak havoc on your body. Compounded with adrenal fatigue and heavy metal toxicity, your body is literally fighting for life every day. Fighting off infection is a high priority in your body, and other systems such as energy production, metabolism, mental function, reproduction, skin, hair and nail health will suffer as a result. These are not life threatening systems, and your body will divert all available resources to the immune system to sustain life. Helping to eliminate attackers and restore immune resources can be almost miraculous to your feelings of vitality. Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and many other chronic issues may ultimately be caused by viral overload, parasitic infestation, or heavy metal toxicity combined with adrenal exhaustion.

Many chronic infections are never diagnosed. These are often difficult to detect because they may be subclinical (when infection is chronic, the common infectious responses are often absent, such as inflammation, fever, sore throat, etc.).  Many therapies have ultimately failed due to the failure to eradicate these underlying chronic infections. Immune supportive and infection fighting herbs have few if any side effects, and if you think you might have some underlying infection, it can be extremely beneficial to use a clean, pure product to find out if it helps you. If you don’t seem to be responding to other therapies, you must address immune deficiencies as well.

Rejuvenate and maintain the body’s systems

This is where you put it all together. You may spend literally years detoxifying, eradicating viruses, removing heavy metals, recovering from immunizations, changing your pH and stabilizing your endocrine system. You may be on 6, 8, even a dozen supplements, even all at once. Or you may only need a few.

What you do besides natural supplementation is vital. Do you fill your body with nutritious foods and clean, pure water? Or do you eat at fast food joints, and skip meals or drink alcohol instead of eating? Recreational drug use, especially marijuana, even used once a month, can deplete your adrenal glands quickly. Do you work all day, take care of your home and children all evening, run errands all weekend, and stress about paying bills, creating retirement and college funds, aging parents, and more? Have you filled your heart with love from family, friends, partners, and your Spiritual Source? Do your thoughts seem critical, judgmental and self-condemning?

Finding health in this day and age is a constant process. You will never find a point at which you can say “There, I’ve done it! I’m healthy now and don’t need to do any more on that subject.” We fight the meat industry that pumps our necessary daily protein full of antibiotics, growth hormones and poor feeds. We fight the agriculture industry that irradiates our foods, dumps pesticides on vulnerable fruits and vegetables, pick the food long before it has ripened to its nutritious level, and grows hybrid laboratory strains of foods never intended in nature.

We don’t get enough sunshine to sustain calcium in our bones and don’t drink enough clean water to detoxify and refresh our fluid systems in our bodies. We inhale chemicals constantly, overtaxing our liver and other body detoxifying systems. And just the amount of information we process daily, organizing, learning, and adapting, is enormous.

Think about your parents or grandparents for a moment. I know that my parents had a very different lifestyle when they were my age than I do now. There were no home computers then, and even the amount of daily mail that they received in the mailbox was a few letters or bills. They didn’t juggle multiple bank accounts, email, answering machines, cell phones, taking kids to every extracurricular class you can imagine, and working 60 hours a week. Life was slower, food and water were cleaner, and sleeping with our windows open in the fresh air was common.

Our bodies and minds are now at high speed, and you must make it a priority to find time for your Soul and Psyche to refuel and replenish. Otherwise, you can take all the supplements in the world and not change a thing about your health.