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Full Moon Parasite Cleanse – Get Rid Of Parasites


Our annual Parasite Detox Cleanse is available now! Rid your body of parasites naturally, with the support of other cleansers and our experienced team.

Join our Full Moon Parasite Cleanse

Ready to get rid of parasites in your body? Wondering how to naturally kill parasites? Accompany us on this parasite detox as we take advantage of the full moon to cleanse these invaders from our system, without prescription drugs or heavy toxins.

Most parasites are active during a full moon. Just like other parts of the natural cycle on the earth, they replicate often at the full moon. So doing a parasite detox cleanse when they’re most active makes the most sense!

Full Moon Parasite Cleanse Kit Contents

  • BioToxin Binder — Made with the proprietary humic and fulvic acid extracts, plus extracts of broccoli sprout and yucca root for their antimicrobial properties, this Carbon Technology binder removes mycotoxins, parasites, and other unwanted elements, plus helps nourish the gut.
  • Para 1Mimosa pudica seed is the only ingredient for Para 1, CellCore’s flagship immune and gut support product. Mimosa pudica seed becomes gelatinous and sticky in the digestive tract to grab onto intestinal buildup, parasites, and toxins to escort them out via stools.
  • Para 2 — A multi-herb blend of clove, holarrhena (kutaja), neem, triphala, and vidanga combined with Carbon Technology is designed to nurture the body’s immune and digestive systems, as well as assist in killing off parasites.
  • Para 3 — CellCore’s most potent parasite-killing product, Para 3 is a liquid supplement designed to absorb deep into the tissues. The seven herb blend (black walnut hulls, clove, holy basil, sage, tansy, thyme, and wormseed) also supports immune cell activity, inflammatory balance, and microbiome health by providing phytochemicals to boost the liver and digestive system.

NOTE: If you suffer from constipation, you MUST ADD CellCore’s Bowel Mover  These will help support drainage and detox, making it easier to clear unwanted critters and toxins from the body. It can also help minimize parasite die-off symptoms and other detox side effects. Order from our online pharmacy or reach out to order directly from our office.

What to Expect

When you order the Parasite Cleanse Kit, you’ll get:

  • Cellcore supplements in the Cleanse Kit (listed above) shipped directly to you
  • Cleansing guide and instructions
  • Access to our closed group chat moderated by Dr. Tenesha Wards
  • Invitation to join the kickoff meeting

Learn more about Our Approach to healing and how parasites get into our bodies and affect our health.