Why Detox?

As we become infested with these toxins our body suffers, and we may begin to experience symptoms such as:

Weight gainAllergiesFatigue
Joint painHeadachesSkin problems
Hormonal ImbalanceDifficulty sleepingDigestion issues
Food cravingsMental FatigueBrain fog

We eliminate toxins through breathing, urinating, bowel movements, and even sweating. Every day we eliminate what we do not need from our body, this is a natural detoxing process – and able to be done in ease by a healthy body. But after years of exposure to the toxic world we live in, our bodies lose their ability to do this on their own and we become ill from the exposure to toxins.

Poor food qualityWhite refined sugar
ChemicalsAir and water pollution
DyesAutomobile exhaust

These are just a few of the toxins that we deal with on a daily basis. In our world today we are bombarded by these, and many times our body has difficulty removing them from our system on it’s own. Detoxification is the process of removing these toxins from our body, and is essential for a healthy life.

There are many ways to enhance the detoxification process enabling us to decrease the stress of these toxins on our bodies. One way is to do an annual cleanse.

For those that are experiencing the above problems on a more severe level, a deeper program may be needed. I have put together a five part total body rejuvenation program that cleanses one organ system at a time :

1. The 21 day Purification Cleanse – We start in the gut because it is true that 75-80% of your immune system is in your GI tract. We must make sure the GI tract is working correctly in order to flush the toxins from all the other organ systems. The first 21 days include a diet modification by removing refined sugars, gluten and dairy from your diet. This cleanse focuses specifically on the major detoxification organs in your body such as the large & small intestines, the kidneys and the liver.

2. Parasite Cleanse – Now that the GI tract is functioning correctly, we move to the Parasite Cleanse. Believe it or not parasites are very common in the US and can be picked up from biting out fingernails, eating sushi or letting your dog lick your face. Kids pick up parasites all the time from playing in the dirt. We treat our dogs and cats annually for worms, why not ourselves?

3. Kidney Flush – The Kidneys not only play a large part in eliminating waste from our system, they also regulate your blood pressure, maintain fluid and electrolyte balance, activates Vitamin D, and maintain an acid-alkaline base balance. By doing a kidney cleansing, you help to cleanse the toxin built-up from the kidneys and the bladder. A clean kidney works optimally in its function to filter out pollutants, drugs, chemicals and other harmful materials. When you do a kidney cleanse, you also help to eliminate urinary tract infections and dissolve kidney stones.

4. Liver/Gallbladder Flush – The Liver is perhaps the most important organ for vital health. I like to refer to the Liver as our oil filter. The liver gets congested with daily exposure to toxins and this is often the cause of weight gain, hormone issues, acne and skin rashes. The gallbladder can harbor stones that inhibit fat metabolizing in your system, equaling in weight gain as well. Keeping the liver and gallbladder clear and flushing stones through this detox makes for a happy elimination system.

5. Infection Cleanse – The tendency to catch every cold or flu going around is linked to a weak immune system harboring infections. This portion of the cleanse will address and pull out deep viral, bacterial, and fungal infections that may be causing our immune system to stay suppressed. You will see inflammation and pain in joints decrease, and vitality and energy return through this portion. After completing this full body rejuvenation program your skin will clear up, mysterious aches and pains will go away, your GI tract will be happy flowing smoothly, kidney stones will dissolve, extra abdominal weight will decrease, the puffiness around your eyes will go down, and that excess water weight will flush. Doing an annual flush like this one will increase years on your life and organs, as well increase your energy, vitality, and enthusiasm for life!


****Learn more about the cleansing process, 21 Day purification video.


2010 Cleanse ~ Testimonials ~
Here are a few testimonials from past participants.The first day I started the infection cleanse my left thigh became quite tender as if I had worked out. I remember Dr. Weine telling us about old injuries, etc being affected by this part of the cleanse. I had injured my right knee and subsequently my left leg to the blunt of it. The second day on the infection cleanse I started limping. My left thigh was so tender. I noticed that I wasn’t even using my muscles correctly in that leg. After about 3 days the inflammation and pain went away. ~ d.k.

This was my third year on the cleanse and the addition of the extra cleansing protocols kept me on track longer. I released more weight this time, a total of 13 pounds and I now have much greater energy. It felt really good to me to clean up one organ system after another; I was able to notice how each area affected the whole. The Compassionate Clearing aspect of the cleanse added more depth to the process. I was able to feel many of the shifts in my body due to greater sensitivity and less toxic waste in my body after each of the physical cleanses. I feel I can continue this lifestyle change with ease. The 2010 Cleanse delivered more than what I expected!
Charlotte Sternkind


I do this cleanse every year. Each year I lose weight and get cleansed and then try to hold it all year and add to it the next year. I’ve lost 20 lbs in the last 2 cleanses and now I’ll hold it off, I hope! ~ S.J.

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