A holistic health practice with a functional medicine approach.

The Infinity WayTM

Do you suffer from low mood, gastrointestinal issues, or fibromyalgia? What about chronic fatigue, depression or insomnia? Maybe your day is disrupted by sinus pain, stress and anxiety, or lingering pain following a surgery or unsolved diagnosis. Or, perhaps you don’t know exactly what the problem is, you just know you feel “off.” You aren’t operating at your full potential because you’re living in discomfort.

The problems listed above — as well as any other general “off” feeling or state of discomfort — exist because of underlying root issues. Something is imbalanced in your body, and pain is its message to the brain that you must do something.

Many patients come to Infinity Wellness Center after experiencing a lack of results with conventional medicine. Our success is based on the ability to discover the root cause of a patient’s symptoms, and then to design a personal program designed to create balance in the body, resulting in restored energy and a renewed enthusiasm for life!

We do this by taking a holistic approach. We look at the body as a whole and make recommendations based on scientific data. Our patients have found freedom from fatigue, insomnia, headaches and pain through The Infinity WayTM

Why live one more day in discomfort? Take the first step on your journey to a balanced, pain-free, energetic life. Explore our services below and contact us to schedule your first appointment!


Personalized testing for chronic health and fatigue issues:
Functional Medicine Lab Testing

Proactive wellness services to look and feel your best:
Health Enhancement

Our Mission

 “Bringing Light to the Problem”

Purpose:  To Find and Fix the Core Root Cause of Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety, GI Issues, Chronic Pain and other Medical Mysteries. 

Vision: It’s our vision for people to live free of physical, chemical and emotional pains without the use of drugs or surgery.  

Trust is Everything

We are firm believers that if you don’t trust your doctor you will not get results. We tell every patient that if you and the doctor don’t link arms together on your case and forge ahead as a team you won’t make it. We pride ourselves working with you and your experiences on your case. We believe without this foundational understanding we could not be as successful as we are. We acknowledge that working on your individual case is a sacred journey toward a more vibrant, highly functional, and more appreciative experience through life.


Patient-Centered Care

We believe in you.  We believe you when you say you are not fine!   We believe there is an underlying cause.   We run functional lab test that traditional doctors do not, and we don’t stop until we find the cause.   

Step into our spa-like environment or join us on tele-health and you’ll find a compassionate, responsive team who is open to listening and committed to guiding you along the path of wellness.

Core Values:

  • Listen with Heart and Compassion           
  • Leave No Stone Unturned
  • Data Driven Results
  • Open & Honest Communication

    Science-based Approach

    We make data-based decisions. We dive into internal and external factors that may contribute to your concerns, starting with an in-depth health history and lifestyle assessment. From there, we use the most advanced tests and tools available to see what’s happening inside your body and determine the best course of action.

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