Homeopathic Doctor in Austin, Texas

Homeopathy is an alternative health therapy that differs from traditional medicine. To evaluate patients, homeopathic doctors focus on the total “life force,” which takes into consideration mental and physical health, as well as external stimuli to the patient. The ultimate goal of a homeopathic doctor in Austin, Texas is the mind-body balance to achieve well-being.

People sometimes mistake all types of natural cures as homeopathic. This is false. Unless they take into consideration the law of similarities and the concept of the total life force, the medicine may be natural, but is not homeopathic. Homeopathy is concerned with stimulating the body to bring about its own natural response to an ailment. A basic principle of homeopathy is that any foreign agent that causes a disease in a normal individual will provide relief from the same symptoms to a patient suffering from that illness.

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A basic tenet of homeopathy is the “law of susceptibility,” which states that a negative state of mind can initiate “miasms” to enter the body and cause disease. Most homeopathic doctors view diseases as part of the living entity. This is also different from traditional medicine, which views diseases as distinctly different from the host body.

Natural herbal therapy is usually employed in homeopathic treatment, along with acupuncture and Meridian balancing, chiropractic massage, Endocrine support and Treatments, and detoxification cleansing, just to name a few of the techniques utilized by a homeopathic doctor in Austin.

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