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an image showing a connection between Epstein-Barr and Covid 19

The Epstein-Barr Virus & COVID Connection

EBV and COVID As we delve further into the aftermath of the worldwide, COVID-19 pandemic, we are discovering new links... Read the Article →
balance your life podcast

Balance Your Life

On this episode of Balance Your Life Podcast with Meghan Pherrill, Dr. Tenesha Wards discusses different types of cleanses; which... Read the Article →
5 star well-being podcast cover

5 Star Wellbeing

Arwen Bardsley is a Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner and a Low Tox Coach. She holds a Bachelor of Arts... Read the Article →
human optimization podcast cover

Human Optimization

Dr. Tenesha Wards and Lisa Pitel-Killah share their experiences as practitioners in functional medicine and their favorite proven methods to... Read the Article →
podcast with Nate Haber

Overcoming Dysfunctional Medicine

Nate Haber, host of The Optimal Life podcast, interviewed Dr. Tenesha Wards in early 2022 about her experience with Lyme... Read the Article →
podcast cover

Dr. Wards on Bringing the Problem to Light with Bomb Mom

Dr. Tenesha Wards and Melissa Vogel of the Bomb Mom podcast discuss what it's like to recognize the difference between... Read the Article →

Post-COVID Patient Journey (Video Interview)

Dr. Tenesha Wards interviews Jessica of @my.longcovid.journey on her path to recovery with Infinity Wellness Center. Jessica is a COVID... Read the Article →
stress can have an effect on your adrenals, and what was more stressful than the pandemic?

Pandemic Stress and Affect on Your Adrenals

There is no denying that the stress of living through a pandemic is having a negative impact on our collective... Read the Article →
a woman wearing a cloth mask

How to Keep Masks From Creating Bad Breathing Habits

For all of the current benefits associated with wearing a mask in public spaces and group situations, this constant cover-up... Read the Article →
a woman with a fever checks her temperature

Cold, Flu, or Covid?

Many of us are experiencing multiple layers of anxiety related to the pandemic, not the least of which concerns symptoms... Read the Article →
vitamin D

The Importance of Vitamin D in the Fight Against Covid-19

***Please Note, this is NOT medical advice. If you think you have an illness including COVID-19, please get tested and see... Read the Article →
a zinc molecule

The Importance of Zinc for Immunity

The trace mineral Zinc has long been touted as a miracle mineral when it comes to boosting the immune system... Read the Article →