Gut Healing Program: 3 Months to a Healthier You!

Meet Baby London Update!!

Most of you know that we are approaching the end the highly anticipated arrival of our daughter London Janet-Lyette Wards!   I am technically “due” March 25th and plan to be in the office until then.   God and Baby willing!!

In the meantime, our coverage doctor, colleague, and friend of 9 years, Dr. V, has been getting up to speed on your cases to keep you on track and to continue to move you forward while I am on maternity leave.   I will back in the office seeing patients in 6-8 weeks.  Again, God and Baby willing!

I truly want to see each of you continue moving ahead in your journey to wellness without taking any steps backward while I am out.  So be sure to stay on your protocols, continue to get adjusted, and keep healing!

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