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Is Cleansing Safe?

After and entire month of eating sweets and drinking, most Americans wake up January 1st ready to detox, flush and cleanse those extra pounds and toxins!   Many people set a resolution to start eating right, stop drinking sodas, or stop eating gluten and of course, re-join the gym.  More and more we see people try and jump start this healthy life style and weight loss with some type of cleanse.  Sometimes this is safe and effective, other times it’s not.

Most cleanses claim to not only make you healthier, but also claim to increases energy levels, help you get rid of bad habits, cleanse the body of harmful toxins, and promote weight loss through the increased energy levels and smoother, stronger metabolism rate that will accompany it.  And many cleanses do in fact do just this in a healthy way.  Where we see issues is with non-food based cleanses, I refer to these as starvation cleanses.

A starvation cleanse does not actually deliver those results.  It can actually do the opposite and harm you.  For example, in Hollywood celebrities will often do a fast as a way to lose weight. And of course they will, because you spin your body into a starvation state.  But what they are also doing is losing muscle mass because they have no protein in their diet. And one of the most important muscles is the heart, so the longer you fast, the more harm can be done to the heart. Often time laxatives are also added to non-food cleanses, causing dehydration and a loss of minerals resulting in muscle cramping and wasting.  But, the worst part is that much of the weight lost will be regained post starvation cleanse, and sometimes more weight will be gained as rebound weight.

What we recommend and find the most effective way to make you healthier, increases energy levels, help you get rid of bad habits, cleanse the body of harmful toxins, and promote weight loss is food based cleanses.  The difference and between a food based cleanse and a starvation cleanse is #1 –  food is allowed!  Very specific detoxing foods such as certain fruits and vegetables are allowed, and lean proteins are added half way through our 21 day program.  Secondly, we add a protein shake that helps maintain muscle tone, keeping your body safe, strong and healthy.  And lastly you are allowed to eat as much of the recommended detoxing foods as you want, so you are never ever hungry!

A food based cleanse does detox the body, allow you to release toxins and weight all while keeping your body safe.  

**Cleanses and detoxes should always be supervised by a health care practitioner.

Not ready for a Full on Detox Cleanse? Start with these simple daily tips and changes to help put your body in a better state to detox.

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