Gut Healing Program: 3 Months to a Healthier You!

Want to Feel Better in the New Year?

How Does A Cleanse Work?

Our 14th Annual New Year New You Cleanse begins in January.  This is the second of a two-part blog series addressing the benefits of a guided cleanse, as well as how it works, so we can help you start the new year living a healthier, more vibrant life.

Many of our patients are interested in doing some kind of a cleanse or detox at the start of the year to kick-start their efforts at living a healthier life, and we are all in favor!  Even clean eaters, elite athletes and those without extra weight to lose can benefit from a well-structured annual cleanse to rid their systems of toxins and prepare their bodies to STAY slim and healthy.

The problem is, many cleanses you’ll find on the internet involve deprivation to the point of starvation making them not only hard to stick with, but potentially dangerous.

Our New Year, New You cleanse is not like that.  When you join our program, we will help you eliminate all toxins and potential allergy-causing foods (gluten, dairy, caffeine, sugars) while still receiving proper nutrition through specially formulated shakes, organic fruits and vegetables, fish, and antibiotic free proteins. 

Depending on your current eating habits you may notice some mild withdrawal symptoms for a day or two, but this is just the toxins leaving your body!  Most patients notice many positive immediate and long-term results in both weight and health.

In a nutshell, the 21-day program consists of:

  • Gut-healing diet eliminating sugars, artificial sweeteners, refined (white) carbohydrates, fried foods, and caffeine, but lots of organic fruits and veggies
  • Protein can be added on day 11 if necessary
  • Eight 10 oz. glasses of water a day (and as much green tea as you want)
  • Moderate exercise four to five times per week

Once the cleanse is over, you will have the knowledge you need to reintroduce some of these foods in phases, to identify which of these food groups is potentially harmful to your overall wellness. Your gut health will be dramatically improved, leading to an increase in immunity and a decrease in headaches, joint pain, digestive issues, skin conditions and more.

We think you’ll feel so much better you’ll be inspired to continue your clean eating and exercise plan for the rest of the year.

And this is really our goal. It’s not to help you lose weight quickly only to put it back on when you slip back into old habits, but to help you realize lasting wellness through permanent lifestyle changes.

For information, join Dr. VanNoy to learn how to lose weight, add years to your life, balance your blood sugar, increase energy, balance your hormones, decrease joint pain, and sleep like a baby again! Tuesday, December 17th at 6:30PM at Infinity Wellness Center.  RSVP – or 512.328.0505

Our proven New Year, New You cleanse class is on January 4th.  Last day to register and order your kit is December 28th.  Register and take the first step toward a healthier year…and YOU!

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