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the Lyme experts at infinity wellness center

Meet the Lyme Experts of Infinity Wellness Center

Our healing clinic is uniquely qualified to support patients recover from Lyme. Why? Because 3 of our 4 practitioners have... Read the Article →
healing from lyme disease

Healing from Lyme Disease: Karly Baughn

In this video interview from 2021, Dr. Wards interviews one of our Lyme Disease patients. Karly Baughn describes what the... Read the Article →

Post-COVID Patient Journey (Video Interview)

Dr. Tenesha Wards interviews Jessica of @my.longcovid.journey on her path to recovery with Infinity Wellness Center. Jessica is a COVID... Read the Article →

Health Videos

BNW: Dr Tenesha Wards Everyone deserves a life of optimal health and vitality. Join Deb Gabor for a Brand New... Read the Article →

“Under Our Skin”

Dr. Wards has studied Autonomic Response testing under Dr. Klinghardt, who is featured in the documentary on Lyme disease "Under... Read the Article →