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Gut Issues

Histamine and blood cells interacting in the human body

What is Histamine?

Histamine, a molecule intricately involved in the body's immune response, often flies under the radar until it starts causing trouble.... Read the Article →
hormonally speaking podcast

Hormonally Speaking Podcast

Not only do our hormones impact us physically, but they are the deciding factor in our mental health. And there... Read the Article →
run thrive survive podcast cover

Run Thrive Survive

Ciara Carter of Run Thrive Survive sits down with Dr. Tenesha Wards to discuss gut health. This episode covers inflammation!... Read the Article →
Gut Health Reset podcast

Gut Health Reset

This podcast dives deep into the root causes behind issues that start in the gut like bloating, gas, and constipation.... Read the Article →
human optimization podcast cover

Human Optimization

Dr. Tenesha Wards and Lisa Pitel-Killah share their experiences as practitioners in functional medicine and their favorite proven methods to... Read the Article →
Food allergy testing and food allergy symptom relief start in the gut

Food Allergies: Natural Solutions Start in the Gut

Food allergies are misunderstood. Does your body react badly to certain foods? You’re not alone. Food allergies are common but are often misunderstood... Read the Article →
a woman's brain is aglow with new thoughts and connections

Healing the Gut to Improve Brain Function

We’ve talked a lot this month about Brain Fog and ADHD — what they are separately and what treatment options... Read the Article →

Gut Microbiome Testing

Test your gut health with functional medicine testing. Uncover the root of your health issues and overcome them naturally with our team of practitioners. Read the Article →
a healthy bowl of fresh fruits and vegetables can work wonders, when eaten regularly, for your gut health

The Four R Program for Gut Health

One of the fundamental tenets of functional medicine is that overall wellness begins with gut health.  It’s easy to make... Read the Article →

How Leaky Gut Affects Your Brain

Using the Gut/Brain Connection to Find Relief from Chronic Fatigue Leaky gut refers to a hyperpermeability -- literally a “leaking” --... Read the Article →