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21 Ways To Lower Stress During This Pandemic

1. Face your fear. Face the worse case scenario, identify it, and make a plan. There, was that so bad? 
2. Remove obvious stressors. Avoid fear based news. Know the facts, stay informed and safe, but don’t get sucked into the rest.
3. Clean out a closet. Control the controllable. This really helps us Type A’s!!
4.  Laugh out loud. Call that friend that makes you belly laugh – start with a giggle and work your way into a roar. You can’t help but release the “feel good” endorphins while laughing!
5. Play with a pet. Studies show this lowers Blood Pressure and Heart-rate.  
6. Forgive. If you are holding a grudge or are angry with someone, write a letter and send it or just burn it.  Find a way to release anything causing you more grief right now.
7. 2 minutes of the Power pose!! I do it EVERY morning.  
8. Do Yoga. So many FREE YouTube and live classes right now.           
9. Sing out loud/dance party. This will release endorphin and the kids LOVE it
10. If you feel like crying, cry. It’s cleansing to your spirit. Holding it in will make you sick! 
11. In a crisis, count to 10 and ask yourself “will this matter to you in a year from now?”
12. Go for a 30-minute walk or hike.
13. Meditate. CALM APP and Head-space or just take 3 quiet minutes.
14. Get a stress ball and SQUEEZE!
15. Meditate on the word love, this word holds the highest frequency known.
16. Take a bath. Add salts, essential oils, etc.
17. Get enough sleep. You heal and rebuild your immune system when you sleep. Talk to us if you have insomnia or anxiety at night – THIS is crucial to keep you well!
18. Learn to say no. Now is not the time to take on extra tasks, items, projects if you are already overwhelmed. 
19. Make a list of what your top 3 must get done items that day. There, now you can stop going over and over it in your head at night.
20. CALL someone you care about. NOT JUST TEXT, BUT pick up the phone. Especially if you or they live alone. We all need community right now.
21. Breathe. This will lower heart-rate adrenaline and cortisol. I like a counting meditation, you can also look up breath work on YouTube.

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