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Histamine and blood cells interacting in the human body

What is Histamine?

Histamine, a molecule intricately involved in the body's immune response, often flies under the radar until it starts causing trouble.... Read the Article →
a woman studying blood work in a lab

Conventional vs. Functional Blood Testing

Blood tests are a fairly routine part of a visit to the doctor used to both assess the current state... Read the Article →
a family holding hands as they make their way through the world

How to Achieve Functional Medicine Results

What's the difference between functional medicine and conventional medicine? We break it down and share tips on how to achieve the results you want. Read the Article →
a woman relaxing in a detoxification bath

Detox Baths

Try One of These Great Detox Baths! Greetings! Lighting a few candles and hopping in a nice warm bath at... Read the Article →
healthy yogurt in a mason jar

The Scoop on Yogurt!

Here’s the scoop on Yogurt. I often recommend yogurt as a healthy snack to my patients because it has countless... Read the Article →
a plate of various foods, including salmon and beef


This article is the second look at why I’m encouraging you to eat clean meat. As always, I hope you’ll... Read the Article →
a slab of beef may contain nasty hormones

Hormones In Meat

What You Should Know Hi! I hope you’re all enjoying a diet filled with fresh seasonal vegetables, low glycemic fruits,... Read the Article →
a woman researching osteoporosis while drinking a glass of milk

Osteoporosis: Fact and Fiction

If you’ve seen the ads on TV or in magazines, you probably think your chances of getting osteoporosis are pretty... Read the Article →
a combination of healthy vegetables, avocado, goat cheese and olives, among other foods

Unhappy Hormones? Eat More Fat!

Many of you have probably heard me talking about the importance of healthy diet for hormone health. But what constitutes... Read the Article →
a woman doling out a supplement from a jar, a table full of oranges in the background

Be Picky About Your Supplements

MYTH NO. 1: “ALL SUPPLEMENTS ARE ALIKE.” No way. Just because you’re taking an herb, mineral, or vitamin you need... Read the Article →

Stay Healthy Naturally This Flu Season

Greetings! It’s coming up on flu season yet again, but I want to suggest you think twice before running out... Read the Article →