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natural allergy relief recommendations from a functional medicine practitioner

Home Remedies for Allergy Symptoms

Spring has sprung, and so have seasonal allergies. If you suffer from symptoms like headaches, sinus pressure, and itchy eyes,... Read the Article →
the power within us podcast

The Power Within Us

Sunna van Kampen of The Power Within Us interviews Dr. Tenesha Wards in early 2022. The conversation covers all aspects... Read the Article →
Paul burges podcast cover

The Paul Burgess Functional Medicine Podcast

Hosted by the UK based clinical nutritionist, Paul Burgess has the goal of living a healthy life to a ripe... Read the Article →
Relaxing bath setup with candle for anxiety and depression self care

5 Self-Care Practices You Can Do Right Now

It’s tempting to put off self-care because of all the tasks you’re faced with every day. Carving out time in... Read the Article →

Can Stress Cause Diabetes?

Can Stress Cause Diabetes? Did you know there is now an ICD10 diagnosis code for 'Professional Burnout?’ Different from fatigue,... Read the Article →

21 Ways To Lower Stress During This Pandemic

1. Face your fear. Face the worse case scenario, identify it, and make a plan. There, was that so bad? 2. Remove obvious stressors. Avoid fear... Read the Article →

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS): Could your Thyroid be to Blame?

It is estimated that as many as 2.5 million people in the United States live with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS),... Read the Article →
a mom and her daughter in curlers, having a self-care day of personal pampering

Self Care Part 1: Thyroid Gland

Recently I had the privilege of serving as keynote speaker at the Warrior Moms’ Pajama Party, an annual event held... Read the Article →
a healthy green smoothie!

Breakfast with Brandy

We all know that it is important to be healthy… and there are a lot of should’s around that. Like... Read the Article →

How to Find Your Wellness Doctor in Austin

Guest Blogger - By Bethany Ferguson, Owner of Zenwell Massage and Wellness   Wellness has not always been a passion of... Read the Article →

5 Tips to Happier Holiday Traveling

Guest Blogger - from Danielle Vernon, PT, CEAS III, Backbone Cushion If you’re like many Americans, you may be starting... Read the Article →