Finding and fixing the core root cause of Chronic Fatigue and other medical mysteries.

Finding and fixing the core root cause of Chronic Fatigue and other medical mysteries.

A holistic health practice with a functional medicine approach.


We all deserve a life of optimal health and vitality. For many of us struggling with pain and fatigue, it’s tough to know how we lost our spark…or how to get it back. Let’s take a journey of discovery to uncover the internal and external factors that contribute to your concerns and tailor a treatment plan that heals and restores.

The Infinity WayTM –  Natural healing, backed by science. 

Caring for Austin since 2006.

Patient Reviews 

Results vary by patient

Amazing group of healing professionals. I’ve been a patient for a few years and wouldn’t trust my health to anyone else!

- Kristie H.

Google Review, September 2020

Every doctor gave up on me. Dr. Wards won’t. If something isn’t working, she studies my records and finds what does. She uses every natural method to fix my issues instead of piling pills on me. She TRULY CARES.

- Adasha K.

Google Review, October 2020

Dr. VanNoy has been open in communication, listens and provides wonderful care and instruction as we continue to make progress on my journey.

- Jeremy S.

Google Review, November 2019

I could not be happier with the results I’ve experienced. The team is truly passionate about finding root causes and providing the framework to getting you back to you!

- Gary W.

Google Review, November 2019

The Infinity Way program for wellness

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  • Identify the root cause of your symptoms 
  • Cleanse and heal every organ in your body
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle for your specific case with ongoing support

You can regain your vitality. Watch today!

We’re here for you.

Our team takes a science-based approach to develop a personalized program designed to correct imbalances in your body chemistry. Learn more about their focus areas and schedule with the right specialist for your needs.

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The Infinity Way™: Our 3 Month or 7 Month Program

You deserve a life of optimum health and vitality. If you struggle with pain and fatigue, it’s tough to know how to get your spark back! Our team can help, starting with the webinar, then our 3 month or 7 month healing programs. Fill out the form above to watch the webinar. 

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