Saying No to Neck Pain in Austin

Neck pain can be a real pain in the neck! Misalignment and dysfunction in your cervical vertebrae, discs, nerves or supporting tissues can cause acute or chronic pain, severely limiting both your quality or life and your ability to function. But that doesn’t mean you have to submit to major surgery. Chiropractic care and other conservative techniques can help you achieve safe, effective relief for neck pain in Austin.

Why My Neck Hurts

Some neck pain causes are immediate and obvious. If you experience whiplash in an auto accident, for example, the violent hyperextension and hyperflexion can damage muscles, tendons, and ligaments, creating agonizing pain. The jolt to your cervical spine can also force vertebral joints put of position (causing severe stiffness) as well as painful herniated discs in the cervical region.

Other causes of neck pain can sneak up on you over time. Age-related wear and tear in the cartilage of the cervical joints can cause osteoarthritis, while dehydration of the cervical discs can reduce the amount of cushion your neck has against everyday bumps and stressors. Even your use of mobile devices can affect your neck by forcing a constant drooping of the head, producing a strain disorder known as “text neck.”

How Our Austin Chiropractic Team Can Help

Our Austin chiropractic and natural rehabilitation team at Infinity Wellness Center can help restore pain-free function to your neck. Adjustments to the cervical spine are typically administered with a handheld instrument called an activator for precise, low-force correction of joint and disc problems. Acupuncture can be extremely helpful for relieving neck pain via your body’s own natural endorphins, while cold laser therapy can relieve soft tissue pain and lifestyle adjustments can help prevent text neck. Contact us and let’s see about getting rid of that pain in the neck!


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