Everyone experiences feelings of anxiety from time to time.  Levels of anxiousness can range from general uneasiness to full-blown panic attacks, or fall somewhere in between.  In fact, anxiety is now the most commonly reported mental health concern among adults, and numbers are rising among children as well.

As with other mental health conditions, it’s possible to find significant relief from anxiety with treatment, and there are a number of natural options available.

Beneficial treatment option for anxiety disorders is acupuncture. More and more research shows the often immediate effectiveness of this ancient healing art for treating generalized anxiety disorder by restoring the uninterrupted flow of life energy, or Qi, along with the body’s meridians.

Mediation is another valuable tool for reducing stress, and in doing so, reducing anxiety. In fact, if anxiety, changes the structure and function of your brain in negative ways, which it does, meditation can change it positively, productive ways.  Regularly practicing meditation, and the measured breathing associated with it can reduce anxiety symptoms and even reverse damage previously caused by anxiety. 

Massage is another proven and effective treatment for reducing anxiety, especially when enhanced with essential oils. These natural, plant-based “medicines,” such as lavender, frankincense, bergamot and rose oils, among others, have been used since ancient times as a natural remedy for anxiety because they are so effective at creating a feeling of calm and relaxation. The benefits of aromatherapy massage can be prolonged by diffusing oils at home or applying them to strategic points on the body. It’s very important to use therapeutic grade oils, however, to ensure they have not been diluted and are in their purest form.

Talk therapy not only involves working with a therapist to actively reduce anxiety symptoms but talking with a friend or spouse about what is causing your stress.  Sometimes a close friend can help offer advice or develop coping skills and address issues that may be making it difficult to participate in life’s daily activities.

Talk therapy, acupuncture, meditation, and massage with essential oils can work alone or in combination to help control the anxiety from which many suffer. 

Let us begin — or enhance — your efforts to fight anxiety and help you be your best, most relaxed self.

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Herbs for Anxiety

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