Dr. Tenesha Wards was interviewed by friend and entrepreneur, professional speaker, author and leading business strategist, Steve Harper. Steve developed The Ripple Effect which uncovers the secret to creating powerful long-lasting connections and their impact on one’s personal and professional life.
Dr. Tenesha was so thrilled about this episode she had to do her own write up for this release:
Hands down my FAVORITE podcast that I’ve done. I love how much we covered:
  • What’s going wrong with the traditional medical system
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Following your dreams
  • Why I’m practicing functional medicine
  • Star trek
  • Living authentically
  • What career(s) I’d want if I wasn’t doing this (you’ll never guess!)
  • How western medicine failed me
  • Innovation
  • Taking big leaps and building the plane as we fly
  • RIPPLE effects of starting a non-profit and going big after a recent shamanic journey (thanks Kim Friedman Goyette)
  • How I’m stepping into leading from a heart space to change the medical insurance coverage industry
  • And the hustle and grit of it all!
It was an honor to be your guest and create more ripples…
So much love to you Steve
– Dr. Tenesha
Watch the full episode on Youtube

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