Restore alkaline pH to the tissues and ensure your body has the basic sources of fuel

The first goal on the way to great health is to restore the body’s pH to an alkaline range.  If there was one thing and only one thing we could nutritionally do to help someone it’d be Restore pH!  Almost all chronic illness takes place in a body that has become acidic due to the gradual depletion of its mineral reserves. This happens from stress, poor diet, lack of mineral rich foods, smoking, drug use (both prescription and recreational) and illness. Symptoms such as chronic fatigue, muscular aches and pains, joint pain, sleeplessness, air hunger (feeling as though you must breathe with a sigh to get a breath), itchy or flaky skin, irritable bowel and many more are often due to an acidic condition in the body.

It has been clinically established that the pH of the urine is an accurate reflection of the pH of the entire body.  The state of the body’s acid/alkaline balance can be easily measured by testing the urine using pH paper.  The urine pH is directly correlated to both tissue oxygen levels and soft tissue levels of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and trace elements.  These minerals are the basic building blocks and energy source for literally every cell in the body.

Testing the First Morning Urine pH.  First, the first morning urine is tested to determine whether the pH is acid or alkaline (the “first morning urine” is defined as the first urination after 5 AM).  If the urine pH is acidic (a pH below 6.4), this indicates the body is in a state of distress due to insufficient minerals. Therefore, the immediate goal is to restore a consistently alkaline first morning urine pH (within the range of 6.4 to 7.0) by using fast-acting minerals that are highly ionized and easily absorbed. You may order pH paper from this site for your home use.

Testing the Evening Urine pH.  Once the pH of the first morning urine stays consistently in the alkaline range (for a period of at least 2 weeks), the next step is to begin testing the evening urine pH (best measured just before the dinner meal around 5 or 6 p.m.).

You can directly determine if you are taking enough minerals, and absorbing them, if both urine tests are within the recommended range. If too acidic (below 6.4), consider taking more minerals daily, changing your diet and eliminating sugars, fast foods, caffeine and red meat. When your first morning urine pH is below 6.0 and you already have measured bone loss symptoms, usually larger amounts of calcium, magnesium and trace minerals are needed. See Bone Health for additional products to protect your body from bone demineralization. Add more leafy, green vegetables and low-sugar fruits to your meals. Exercise is also an important component of reducing the level of tissue acidity in your body, and sweating is extremely helpful.

Adding complete B vitamins in a natural, absorb-able form is vital. Your body simply cannot make use of synthetic vitamins made in a laboratory and introduced to your body without the co-factors necessary to absorb it. Every vitamin needs other nutrients with it to be utilized inside your body. Every action of absorption and utilization requires enzymes and other molecules that allow your body to make use of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other nutrients from foods and water.

To ensure your needs are met, we strongly recommend that everyone use a coral based calcium/mineral supplement, eat alkaline foods or take greens in a supplement, and omega oils as a basis for all your health needs. Whether your concern is menopause, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, athletic endurance, osteoporosis, or basic support for anti-aging, everyone benefits from proper nutrition reaching the cells of your body.

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