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Dr. Danny VanNoy | Functional Medicine Doctor in Austin, TX

 Dr. VanNoy is our best detective!  He focuses on discovering the root causes of chronic conditions and educating his patients on the best solutions and strategies for overcoming their debilitating symptoms.  He is an expert at working with our patients to help them uncover the root causes for ailments such as Chronic Pain and Fatigue, Anxiety, Insomnia, GI Issues, ADHD/ADD, Environmental Toxins, and Lyme Disease to create the most effective strategies for healing and regaining their health and vitality.

The benefits of “non-traditional” medicine sparked Dr.  VanNoy’s awareness at an early age when his grandfather received life-saving help from a functional doctor. His grandfather was diagnosed with polymyositis, a condition where his muscles were failing.  His traditional doctors informed him that the next muscles to go were going to be the involuntary ones such as the heart muscles, lungs ect.   And that he probably didn’t have long to live.  Instead of going home and getting his affairs in order, he refused to accept this sentence and found a doctor willing to investigate.

Through proper lab testing and applied kinesiology, the functional doctor discovered high environmental toxins such as lead and mercury.  He introduced the concept of detoxification, which saved his life!  It’s worth mentioning his grandad was a painter and not one doctor asked any environmental, occupational or lifestyle questions. That functional doctor quickly became the family’s primary means of health care and Dr. VanNoy noticed the positive effects it had on him and his loved ones.  This experience brought clarity that his calling is to be the catalyst for “medically failed” patients to find wellness!

Dr. VanNoy graduated from Parker University in Dallas with two Bachelor of Science degrees (Anatomy, Health & Wellness) and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree with cum laude honors. During school he participated in mission trips to serve the underprivileged people of Peru. He has completed the 100-hour Applied Kinesiology certification, under Dr. J.J. Gregor, and is trained in functional nutritional through the teachings of Dr. Datis Kharrazian with Harvard Medical School research and Apex Energetics. Dr. VanNoy is passionate about natural healing and truly cares for his patients’ well-being

Treating the body as a whole, Dr. VanNoy sees a full array of ailments from shoulder issues to migraines to more complicated conditions, such as cerebral palsy.  His true passion is for the medical mysteries, like his grandfather, who has been written off as hopeless by other doctors and who have lost hope themselves.

Dr. VanNoy has complete faith in the principles of alternative therapies and knows that our bodies have an unlimited capacity to improve and heal. He is deeply devoted to serving his community from a holistic perspective with a goal for his patients of getting them back to being as healthy as they can as fast as possible and maximizing their expression of life to the highest potential so they can fully enjoy this life experience.

Outside the office, Dr. VanNoy enjoys live music, spending time with family and friends, staying active through exercise, yoga, and climbing and hanging with the office’s emotional support puppy dog, Bones!

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“This guy is a magician!  Before I saw Dr. Danny, I literally thought that I was dying. I was chronically fatigued, constipated with IBS style symptoms, and was having these crazy nerve sensations in my hip. I saw several other doctors who gave me steroid shots, antibiotics, laxatives and sent me for two MRIs. They couldn’t figure out what to do with me. 

Dr. Danny put me on a program that got me feeling the best I’ve felt in years. Turns out I had a bad case of overworked adrenals and a problem with Candida yeast. With a combination of supplementation, chiropractic adjustment, and diet plans, my major symptoms started to diminish in about a month. Two months in, I wake up energized and am no longer a slave to Starbucks in the morning. My stomach issues are completely better, and I feel like I am starting to understand how certain foods affect me. I will say, the diet plans are quite intense, and you’ll take a lot of supplement pills, BUT the results are totally worth it. Not to mention, Dr. Danny is super attentive, kind, and knowledgeable- if you end up seeing him, it will be the best investment you could have made for your health. Thank you so incredibly much, Dr. Danny, for getting me on the right path!”

– Joe

*Results may vary person to person

Dr. Danny

“Dr. Danny helped diagnose me after my general practitioner doctor continually failed. Spent so much money on tests with no results, but the first test I did with Infinity produced results. I am feeling much better by following the plan they gave me, and am on my way to Recovery!!”


“I have been extremely pleased with the care I have received from Dr. VanNoy. I was having crazy hormonal issues & no one seemed to listen or take the time to figure it out. After going through many different avenues I finally found the right one! I feel amazing & back to normal thanks to Dr. VanNoy!”

– Alisha

“After being diagnosed with thyroid disease and adrenal fatigue, I thought I was just destined to be dog tired for the rest of my life. DOG TIRED. I needed a solution, and I didn’t think it could hurt to see what the folks at Infinity Wellness had to say. Dr. Danny took the time to talk with me about how I have been feeling, and about some recent tests I had run. On the first visit, he had me out the door with a plan. In the first month, I felt my energy starting come back, my face completely cleared up, and I  even noticed some weight loss!  I just had my second appointment, and again… I left with a plan! It is a really good feeling to know there is light at the end of this exhausting tunnel. Cheers to Dr. Danny, and the Infinity Wellness team!”

– Corrine

“I recently received a chiropractic treatment from Dr. Danny, and he provided excellent relief for an old injury. I felt nicely balanced and aligned again. In addition, he used an activator to get my vertebrae in place, which feels so wonderful. We talked about genetic testing and supplements and I loved his recommendations. He’s a caring man with a lot of knowledge and skills. Thank you so much, Dr. Danny!”

-Mary Ann

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