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Possibly!  We are covered under Nutrition, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Preventative, and we accept Flex Savings Accounts (FSA). Coverage depends on your particular plan and deductible amounts. We do not process any insurance claims through our office BUT many of our patients submit their medical superbill to their insurance companies and are reimbursed as out of network. Blue Cross Blue Shield has been the best to date.


andInitial Health Analysis and Consultation – $395
This includes the initial consultation, an extensive history, Nutritional Response Testing, and other appropriate diagnostic tests. (Children 8 and under are 1/2  price, and patients with Lyme are an extended visit)

Re-Exam – $255
If you are a returning patient and have not been in for over 1 year – we will need to do a re-exam with your treatment.  (40 minutes)

Second Visit – $390
Your doctor will review your Report of Findings, answering any questions that you may have and depending on time, may or may not do any manipulations. (40 minutes)

Follow-up Visits – $195
If paid at the time of each visit (20-25 minutes)
Lyme patient – extended visit

Follow up visits for Children up to age 8 – $97.50

Nutritional Supplements are extra, based on your individual program. Generally,  we have seen the average cost of a nutritional program runs between $80.00 – $250  per month during the initial phases, and less for supportive.  Some cases require more, some less.  Each case is different and is managed individually.  If you are positive for or suspect Lyme Disease your case is more entailed, extended office visits will be necessary after the first step.

If you are fully committed to restoring your health and wish to prepay for the recommended number of office visits for phases 1 and 2, we will pass on to you a bookkeeping savings of 15%,-20% or your next ten to twenty visits.  We have found that taking care of the financial aspect before starting care takes away that obstacle so you can focus on healing.

**Will I need lab testing (blood-work or saliva testing)? And what is the cost? If you need deep cellular healing or balancing – especially hormonal, we may order blood or saliva tests. If you have any lab tests that are less than 6 months old we can use those as a reference and starting point. We belong to Labcorp CO-OP and are able to order blood tests for minimal costs. We are able to order an $1800 panel of blood work for less than half that. This blood panel will tell us thyroid function, mineral balance, kidney function, liver function, cholesterol, iron and B-vitamin balance.  Hormone or cortisol level testing is done through saliva.  Saliva testing, brain chemical, genetic, Lyme Disease and mold testing can ranges from 350-3200 depending on what needs to measured.


weAs holistic doctors, we look at your body from different aspects to bring balance. We focus on removing toxins, excess hormones, and nervous system interferences (subluxations) that are in excess and adding vitamins, minerals, hormones and nerve flow that are deficient. By giving the body what it needs, and taking away what it does not, the body is able to heal. I truly believe that when there is balance – The power that made the body, heals the body.

You will receive a system of care that has been put together in a formula that has made a tremendous breakthrough in health recovery. Not only do we work on your spine to restore true and proper alignment and balance to your nervous system, but we also add nutrition, natural hormones, and applied kinesiology (AK). AK is a very powerful system that lets me ask your body what treatment is needed in exactly the precise area. It completely takes the guess work out of setting up an individualized health care approach. Plus, we add a system of functional medicine, reading saliva and blood labs functionally allows me to look at your body as a complete and whole system.

We are not addressing your health problems on only one level but on many levels, all at the same time, which no other system does. When a person needs this system of care, then their condition will probably not get solved any other way. Because of this, we are able to help many problem cases that other doctors are not able to help. I address what is imbalanced within you. I believe we cannot fight disease. You can only turn on more life force and balance. You will not only experience pain relief but a deep healing process in all aspects of life.

I use a few different variations of muscle testing. One in particular is based on a technique called Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA), which was developed by Dr. Richard Versendaal over 50 years ago. I’m also trained in Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) developed by Dr. Ulan and Autonomic Response Testing (ART) developed by Dietrich Klinghardt, MD. These types of testing use your own body’s muscles to provide information about the status of the body and its various spinal levels related to organs, glands and meridian systems. The degree of accuracy is remarkable and best seen in the results achieved by practitioners trained in these approaches.
Visit #1 – The initial visit will take 40 minutes to an hour; thorough history is taken and neurological and kinesiology exam using nutrition response testing is performed. We will then take the information gathered on day one to determine if your case is a good fit for us. If it is, we will formulate a program designed on your exam findings.

Visit #2 – This is my favorite day; it will ideally be a day or two after your initial visit. This is when you will receive a Report of Findings (ROF) and treatment plan that is specific to you. We will map out the meridian points, organ systems, and spinal levels that need to be addressed and corrected. Recommended lab tests will be ordered on day two.

If you agree with the treatment plan and choose to accept care, we will start your treatment this day. Treatments will include one or a combination of the following techniques:

  • Nutritional Response Testing (determining which supplements are best for you)
  • Acupuncture
  • Chiropractic
  • Allergy Elimination Technique (NEAT)
  • Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)
  • Webster Technique/Prenatal Care

Visit #3 – On the 3rd Visit we will go over lab testing that has been ordered and another treatment will be performed. Subsequent Visits will entail a combination of the above treatments. Treatments are determined by what your body needs to keep moving forward in the healing process.


If you need deep cellular healing or balancing – especially hormonal, yes, I may order blood or saliva tests. If you have any lab tests that are less than 6 months old we can use those as a reference and starting point. I belong to Labcorp CO-OP and am able to order blood tests for minimal costs. I am able to order a $1800 panel of blood work for less than half that.  This blood panel will tell me thyroid function, mineral balance, kidney function, liver function, cholesterol, iron and D-vitamin balance. If we need to look at other lab items such as brain chemicals or hormones – I use Saliva testing, urine, and stool testing which can range from $350-3,500  depending on what needs to measure.


If testing shows you have a deficiency, we may recommend natural remedies. We do have our own natural supplement and herbal pharmacy here in the office and online. Please bring with you to your first appointment all medications, supplements, and vitamins you are currently taking.

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