FoodAmountGrams of Protein 
Chicken leg110g
Chicken breast120 g
Tuna3 oz20 g
Sardines in water3 oz20 g
Fish3 oz20 g
Hamburger3 oz30 g
Cheese1 oz7 g
Cottage cheese3 oz/

1/2 cup

15 g
Plain yogurt3 oz11 g
Mung bean100g24g
Turkey3 oz20 g
Kidney Beans1 cup13g
Lentils1 cup18g
Black Beans1 cup15g
Chickpeas1 cup12g
Hummus1 cup12g
Pinto beans1 cup12g
Black eyed peas1 cup11g
Lima beans1 cup10g
Peas1 cup9g
Brown rice1 cup5g
Sprouted whole wheat2 slices5g
Coconut milk, raw1 cup6g
Coconut Water1 cup2g
Walnuts1/4 cup4g
Cashews1/4 cup5g
Almonds1/4 cup6g
Pistachios1/4 cup6g
Almond butter2 tbsp8 g
Sunflower seeds1/4 cup6g
Tahini, raw2 tbsp6 g
Kale1 cup5g
Spinach1 cup5g
Broccoli cooked1 cup3g
Broccoli raw1 Spear4g
Potato6 oz.2.7g
Asparagus1 cup5g
Collards1 cup5g
Avocado1 whole4g

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