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PureWine Histamine and Sulfite Filter

Purifier Alleviates Wine Allergies, Stir Stick Aerates Wine

The Wand™ wine filter is a portable, convenient, per glass wine purifier. It comes in a variety of exciting colors for use with all occasions. PureWine alleviates ALL of the most common side effects from drinking wine: Headaches, Stuffy Nose, Skin Flush, Next-Day Hangovers and Upset Stomach.
This wine purifier filters the preservatives that trigger those unwanted wine allergies and sensitivities. The Wand™ purifies ALL red, white, and sparkling wines while enhancing the wine’s natural flavor, aroma, and color. Plus, it does not add any harsh chemicals to your wine. PureWine Purification is proven safe and effective in independent tests. FDA compliant and BPA-Free. 100% Made in the USA