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New Lymphatic Drainage Program



Throughout this virtual course, we will teach you how to improve your lymphatic drainage naturally, without the use of prescription drugs or surgery, in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

The Best Method to Cleanse a Clogged Lymphatic System

This BRAND NEW Lymphatic Drainage Program serves as an educational and practical course for anyone wanting to improve their lymph flow, restore their energy and focus, and integrate how lymph affects different organs and body function into daily life for optimal health.

It makes no sense cleanse or detox and then immediately retox, right? Well, if your lymph isn’t flowing, then toxins you are trying to get rid of might not actually be leaving the body.

In this lymphatic drainage class, you will learn answers to questions like:

  1. What are the symptoms of poor lymphatic drainage?
  2. How are lymphatic drainage and weight loss related?
  3. How can you cleanse a clogged lymphatic system naturally?
  4. What are the differences between lymph drainage and lymph node detox?
  5. What are the best foods that promote lymph flow?
  6. What are the worst foods for lymphatic system?
  7. What are exercises I can do for lymph node cleansing at home?

Are you ready to heal with our lymph drainage course?

This program is designed to support anyone who suspects you have a lymph drainage issue, or you believe other healing efforts have been thwarted by a sluggish or clogged lymph flow. Through out this course we will discuss how to improve your lymph flow naturally, without the use of prescription drugs or surgery, in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

Dr. Tenesha Wards headshot
“I’m so excited to bring this healing program to you, so you can begin healing and cleansing your lymphatic system on your own! Remember, the body WANTS to heal. And if we provide the right things, while removing the wrong things, the body is an excellent self-healer. This lymph program is a perfect first step on our healing journey.” Dr. Tenesha Wards

The New Lymphatic Drainage Program includes:

  • Lifetime access to instructional videos from Dr. Tenesha Wards, D.C., A.C.N
  • All Cellcore supplements and materials for the Energy, Focus, & Drainage Protocol, shipped directly to you

– CT-Minerals


– KL Support

– BioToxin Binder

  • Downloadable PDFs of lymphatic drainage exercises and supplemental information

The program is perfect for anyone about to start a detox, nutritional cleanse, or parasite cleanse. Clear out the pathways so that all those toxins can actually get out of your system!

Learn more about Our Approach to healing and how the lymphatic system can seriously impact your healing efforts!