At Infinity Wellness Center, we are experts on how the body functions and how to restore and rebuild each organ system, allowing the body to heal.  

We are seeing a pattern of patients coming in who have overcome COVID-19, but are suffering from lingering symptoms. This is being referred to as “Post-Covid Syndrome”. The symptoms we are seeing are:

  • Unrelenting Fatigue (even 3-4 months later)
  • Depression
  • POTS
  • Anxiety
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headaches
  • Neuropathy
  • Neurological Issues
  • GI Issues
  • Many more

These patients state these sporadic issues were not present before contracting COVID. People suffering from these post COVID symptoms are calling themselves “long haulers”. Long haulers are being recognized by Dr Fauci, but as of right now, no one is 100% sure what to do to help them.

“They may or may not have to have been in the hospital, but when their virus is cleared, they go for weeks, if not months—and we might not even know how long, because we’re only eight months into it—but they go for several weeks or even a few months with a constellation of symptoms that are consistent in this group of individuals.” Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease expert and member of the Coronavirus Task Force, said at yesterday’s American University’s “The Kennedy Political Union Presents, Dr. Anthony Fauci” seminar.

“The trouble with that is when people say that people say, well, this is neurosis, it’s psychiatric,” says Fauci. “But then all of a sudden, when you get scores and scores and scores of people who start complaining to their physicians, you gotta take it seriously. So in that regard, we’re doing a big study to look at post COVID, recovered people, to find out just what the incidence, the prevalence, and just what the pathophysiological mechanisms are. But it’s a real phenomenon. It’s not people that are a little, you know, neurotic. It’s a real phenomenon.”

Sadly these patients are not getting much relief from their mainstream doctors. These patients are no longer testing as having a positive/active COVID infection, and only about half are showing COVID antibodies, so there’s not a lot traditional medicine can do for them. Some are even being written off as “nothing is really wrong” or “it’s all in their head”. These patients are finding us and ending up in our office. I imagine they are googling things like “chronic fatigue”, “stomach problems”, “headaches” etc., so we are doing what we always do: finding, and correcting what we find to be, the root cause. Following our Infinity Wellness System, we:

  • Repair the Gut
  • Detoxify the Liver
  • Restore Alkaline pH to the tissue to ensure your body has the basic sources of fuel
  • Repair the Endocrine System (thyroid, adrenals, hormones)
  • Eliminate Chronic Infections – Lyme Disease, EBV, other viruses
  • Address each organ system one at a time in the right order to heal  

We are seeing people, thankfully, improve. However, we are also running functional medicine tests and seeing other ailments that have popped up since contracting COVID, like autoimmunity and infections such as Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) and Lyme Disease.  

We’ve seen other viruses such as the flu do this, it’s called post-viral syndrome. Other viruses often trigger an Autoimmune disorder called Thyroiditis/Hashimotos that affects the thyroid gland. This concept of a virus triggering other ailments is not new. 
What we have learned about long hauler symptoms, it appears they are due to post-viral syndrome from COVID, and/or if the severity of having coronavirus causes the body to become an opportunistic time for other underlying issues to express like Autoimmunity.  
Also, this virus is stressful enough on the body to cause genetic defects like the MTHFR gene (affects detox and energy production), or the GAD gene (affects anxiety), or the NOS2 gene (fights infections) to express/turn on.
We are finding significant genetic defects in patients that are long haulers as we test them. Is this what is making
them susceptible to being a long hauler? My gut tells me it’s probably a mixture of all the above.
The good news is, that when we find and fix the other underlying issues, we are seeing Post Covid long-hauler patients make a full recovery and get their lives back! 

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