COVID-Long Hauler 

Jessica is a COVID “long-hauler”; someone who experiences symptoms far after the typical two-week window of illness associated with COVID-19. After suffering from COVID-19 symptoms for almost 2 months with no guidance from conventional doctors, Jessica knew something had to change. With the help of Dr. Wards, she is on the road to recovery.  

What COVID-19 symptoms have you been dealing with? 

My first COVID-19 symptom on June 15th, 2020 was GI upset, one of my top 3 worst symptoms next to brain fog and fatigue. I experienced diarrhea 4-5 times every day for the first 5 weeks of my long COVID journey.  

I began seeing my cardiologist two months into my journey due to stabbing pain, chest pressure chest tightness, heart palpitations, crippling fatigue, confusion and more. 

How did Dr. Wards improve your symptoms? 

For my GI issues, Dr. Wards studied the results of my bloodwork and genetics report and discovered I don’t have the gene mutation making me intolerant to histamine (a compound involved in immune responses) like we thought. Instead, I had issues with methylation, detoxification, and inflammation.  

Additionally, the tests showed hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid) which results in impaired digestion and nutrient absorption. Dr. Wards hypothesized that I didn’t have an intolerance to histamine, but I have a problem getting rid of it.

We healed my gut by staying with a low-histamine dietAfter a week, I integrated an anti-inflammatory diet and added new low-inflammatory, higher-histamine foodsWe started at the end of August, and by Mid-December it was healed. 

How was your experience at Infinity Wellness Center different than experiences with other doctors?  

Long-haulers like me are being gaslit by doctors. I struggled to find doctors who heard of a long-hauler or long COVID and doctors shrugging their shoulders at me was traumatizing.  

So far, Infinity Wellness is the only place that examined me in person, studied my medical history, and provided practical treatment based on science. The appointments are longer than the typical 15-minute doctor visit, too. Dr. Wards is discovering issues on a cellular level and fixing them. 

What is your on-going treatment plan? 

Dr. Wards recommended a supplement regimen because of my lab results and tailored them to fit my specific needs. 


If you’re experiencing post-COVID symptoms, schedule an appointment with us.