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Parasite Cleansing: Your Ultimate Guide

Dr. Tenesha Wards wrote this article, parasite cleansing your ultimate guide

Parasites are more common than you may think! The best way to naturally flush them from your system is to cleanse. It may sound intimidating, but don’t worry – Dr. Tenesha Wards breaks down all the steps that are part of our popular and effective cleanse.

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Video Transcript

Hi, Dr. Tenesha Wards here, and our focus is on parasites. So, I’m going to go over a couple of the signs and symptoms of potential parasites and then what our parasite cleanse looks like.


Weight loss or weight gain. Some people think it’s just weight loss with parasites, but oftentimes it’s weight gain. The body sometimes will hold weight if it’s not absorbing nutrients very well. And that can happen if the parasites are taking all of the nutrients! Also, it can increase your appetite depending on the type of parasite and infection that you have.

Digestive issues. Everybody’s heard of loose stools and diarrhea if you have parasites, it can cause constipation as well. Gas, bloating, and stomach pain – gut issues can be a big telltale sign of parasites.

Skin issues. Rashes, hives and itchy skin can all be from parasites. The body’s trying to get rid of them through the skin; sometimes it can also be an immune reaction.

Joint or muscle pain. Parasites can really aggravate and irritate joints and muscles, especially roundworms.

Depression or anxiety. Parasites can affect your brain chemicals; the reason being is most of our brain chemicals – serotonin, dopamine, GABA – are made in the gut lining. So, if the gut’s inflamed and you’re having a hard time making your neurochemicals in the gut lining, it will affect brain fatigue.

Fatigue. Parasites can use up your nutrients, so you’re deficient which can make you fatigued. Parasites can specifically drain you of iron, B12. If you’re low in nutrients consistently and you’re not menstruating or losing blood anywhere, think parasites.

Trouble sleeping. Parasites are primarily nocturnal, so they’re more active at night. This can keep you awake. If they’re active in your body and they’re releasing toxins, this can cause anxiety, restlessness, and even teeth grinding at night.

Irritation in the anus or vagina. Especially at night, this can be a sign of parasites. Parasites like pinworms can come out of the rectum at night and cause itching. So that is something to be aware of. A very common home identification tool for moms is to put a piece of tape over the kid’s bottom, over the rectum, and look in the morning and see if there are pinworms.

That’s a way to diagnose if there are pinworms and begin treatment.

So those are some of the reasons you might want to do a parasite cleanse. Now I’m going to explain what a parasite cleanse entails and what it looks like.

Most parasites are active during a full moon. Just like other things in the natural cycle of the earth, they replicate often at the full moon. So doing a parasite cleanse when they’re most active makes the most sense.

The parasite cleanses that we use has three different levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. If you’ve never done a parasite cleanse before, you will want to start at the beginner level.

Beginner: One day before on the full moon and one day after is when you’ll take the cleanse herbs, so it’s really only three days. There are some diet changes to starve the parasites and kill them more easily. You want to avoid refined sugar and even high glycemic fruits because that will feed them. Strive for low sugar intake to really starve them of what they eat.

Intermediate: For the intermediate level, you would start two days before the full moon. So let’s say the full moon was on a Friday; you would start taking the herbs Wednesday, Thursday, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Typically, we see most parasites pass in the intermediate or advanced stages, usually on the full moon or the day after. We take killing agents and use binders to pull them out, then we see them exit the body a couple of days after.

Advanced: The advanced version is seven days long. We start three days before the full moon, on the full moon, and then after. We’ve seen parasites pass all the way up to three days after the full moon doing the advanced version of the cleanse.

There are a couple of different products that you get with the kit. There’s Para One, Para Two, and Para Three. Those each go after different types and sizes of parasites. Then the biotoxin binder binds to the parasites and excretes them.

The protocols are all outlined so you know exactly what to take when, depending on your cleanse level.

Beginner: When you wake up, you’ll do a certain amount, wait a few minutes, then you’ll do drops with a binder. Then at noon, you’ll do the drops with a binder again; you can put these drops in water. And then at bedtime, you take the capsules again.

Intermediate: This is very similar to the beginner. We do it five days instead of three.

To support your body during the cleanse, we want to avoid a lot of sugary things like apple sauce and hidden high-sugar foods like barbecue sauce, flavored coffees, oatmeal, frozen juice, and things like that. We find there’s a lot of sugar in these and we want to avoid them so we can starve the parasites.

Physical activity during the cleanse is important. Movement helps the lymphatic system flush the parasites out. Lower-impact exercise is best because cleanses like this, specifically parasite cleanses, are stressful on the body and we don’t want to overstress the body with hard workouts either.

I recommend a sauna, coffee enema, walking and yoga to aid in the process—things like that that can really just move and flush everything out.

Epsom salt baths, lymphatic drainage massages, and dry brushing are all something to do every day through the cleanse. Good sleep is also really important because your body is killing these bugs overnight.

Symptoms that we see during the cleanse, usually on the full moon or a few days after, often include gas and bloating. That’s part of the parasite die-off. Sometimes we see a little increased loose stool as well.

If we see constipation, that’s a concern. We definitely do not want you constipated on this because we have to get these parasites out. So, we will add a bowel mover to get things moving during a cleanse if you’re having constipation.

We can also see mood changes, anxiety, sweating, and even headaches or nausea. If you have any questions, let us know!

I always say these bugs are better out than in, so we want to kill them. We want to bind them, we want to get them out of our systems on the full moon. We use the CellCore Biosciences Para Kit which we love because it’s gentle, yet effective and perfect for beginners. Thanks for tuning in!

– Dr. Tenesha Wards, Infinity Wellness Center Founder & Medical Director