Nate Haber, host of The Optimal Life podcast, interviewed Dr. Tenesha Wards in early 2022 about her experience with Lyme disease, Western medicine’s missed diagnoses, and how Functional tests are able to find the body’s toxins and deficiencies in order to begin healing. In this episode, Dr. Wards describes the experience of patients who have been struggling with misdiagnosed diseases for decades, and can end up finding relief at Infinity Wellness Center through various tests and treatments such as these.

  • Urine testing to find heavy metals, mold toxins, and pesticides in our bodies
  • Stool testing for prebiotics, probiotics, and nutrients
  • Genetic discoveries
  • Getting adequate sleep, hydration, and regular bowel movements
  • Adaptogenic herbs for adrenal health
  • Candida cleanses, IV therapies, liver cleanses, rebuilding the gut lining
  • Addressing the complicated emotional journey from sickness into wellness

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