The Story of Our Farmhouse

From Tenesha Ward

“In graduate school, I would visit a spa/wellness center in an old farmhouse converted into a spa – massage, facials, etc. in Pasadena, TX.    From the moment I walked in, I fell in love and said, ‘Someday’. Someday I will own a 2 story farmhouse as my clinic/medical spa. I held that vision for 17 years or so.  

When I started looking to purchase a commercial office last year, I originally said no to this location because I was concerned about the distant location. Yet after driving past the house several times, the beautiful house stuck in the front of my mind. Eventually, I set a date to view the property, and I knew the moment I stepped out of my car I had found our new space.  I could feel this was where we needed to be.  

I later found out there was another offer on this house that was slightly higher than mine, but the owners aligned with what we do and also knew we had to have it.  The previous owners raised foster children here and after much prayer, they said there was more healing that needed to happen here! We took possession of the house in November of 2019, and after 6 months of remodeling, we turned it into a zen-like healing oasis. From the moment our patients step in the door, they can feel the healing energy this house has, and that is what I set out to accomplish.”  

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