Nutritional Response Testing

Have you ever found yourself in the grocery store in the vitamin aisle staring at the rows of different options?  Not knowing what to take?  You’ve heard EVERYTHING is good for you, everything seems like it’s the best thing to take.  Although that may be true, you may not need all those supplements you hear about.  We use a cellular communication technology to determine exactly what your body needs and doesn’t need to up-regulated and support your healing process.

The physical technology of Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) is a method of communication that analyzes weaknesses or imbalances of the body through muscle testing using acupuncture reflex points. Reflexes are evaluated at different acupuncture points that correlate to specific energy meridians. The meridians that flow through the body can easily be thought of as nourishing rivers that carry water (energy, life force, or chi) from the reservoir (an organ) to the surrounding area. When the flow of water is abundant, it nourishes all tissue it touches. When there is a block in the flow, similar to a dam in a river, the water (or energy) becomes stagnated, incapable of nourishing the tissues. NRT is used to test the amount of energy flowing through each channel. The strength of resistance when the arm is pushed down indicates if the point the practitioner is touching is strong or weak.

The goal of NRT is to help the practitioner restore balance in your body by determining weaknesses of specific energy meridians, food/substance in-tolerances  environmental allergies and general energy blockages so that the flow of life force can be restored. Once the areas of weakness have been located, therapeutic nutritional supplements can be taken to heal most imbalances.

To determine the best supplement, NRT is used to test the body’s reaction to the supplement by placing the supplement into the body’s energy field. When the supplement enters the body’s energy field it will either signify, with a strong reflex, that it is helpful in supporting the body or, with a weak reflex that it is further depleting the body’s energy. Similar to the way in which open dam gates increase the flow of water, nutritional supplements help to restore flow to energy meridians.

NRT is a safe, effective, and precise way to analyze the body. Once we find the reflex points that are out of balance, we design a personalized nutritional supplement program to bring the reflex points back to strength. This takes the guess work out of what nutrient or herb you may need.  By following the program as precisely as possible, you are well on your way to correcting the underlying deficiency or imbalance that caused the reflex to be active, restore normal function and improve your health to be a better you!

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