Chiropractic: from Greek “chiro + praktik” , chiro- meaning “hand” and praktik “concerned with action” is a healing Science that places emphasis on maintaining structural integrity of the spine and nervous system.

As a Chiropractor I simply take the pressure of the nerves and allow the body to heal naturally from within, using my hands.

There is a life force inside all of us. This life force comes from above – down – inside- out. This life force is called our innate intelligence. It controls the beat of our heart, the breath in our lungs, and the flow of our blood. The life force I am talking about is the nervous system. The nervous system controls every aspect of our entire life experience. How we feel, how well we digest, age, heal, and respond to stress are entirely dependent on a balanced nervous system.

I feel the spine for any pressure, blockages, misalignments, and tension that will cause interruptions in the communication from the brain to the rest of the body. These interruptions in the nervous system are called subluxations. Removing these subluxations with a chiropractic adjustment by aligning the vertebrae will increase the Life, the Vitality, the Light and the Balance in your body. When the body is in full alignment it is able to function at an optimal level. This is wellness.

It is important to free your spine of these in order for the brain to send a signal down your spinal cord out to all your muscles, ligaments, tendons and organs. I use adjustment in conjunction with all healing we do, even the focus is other parts of the body. For example – if we are working on your cervical spine (the neck) because of the nerve pattern connects to where the thyroid is located, it may affect thyroid health!  We focus on the spinal alignment be ensure the brain has a clear path to communicate with all the organs.

How do we get misalignments in our spine? I hear this question often in practice. My answer to it is simply LIFE. Our bodies are not meant to endure the stress we undergo daily. Today our bodies are under stress for days, weeks, months, and years at a time. We are physiologically made to undergo small bouts of stress such as running from a lion or tiger, or hunting an animal for food. We are designed to endure the stress of “fight or flight” in small outbursts only.

Today our lions and tigers are stressful jobs, unhappy marriages, demanding bosses, the mortgage companies, and sometimes just the responsibility of balancing children, careers, and spouses. These stresses will cause tension and subluxations – disrupting the flow of life force causing disease. Another cause of “dis-ease” and interruption of nerve flow in the body is a sedentary lifestyle. Our bodies are not built to sit in one position at a desk for 8-10 hours a day, or in front of a computer or television, nor are they made to sit on the phone for hours and hours. A lack of movement equals a lack of flow, which equals an imbalance. And of course all the Yanking, Twisting, Torquing, Slips, falls, Tumbles, Accidents, and Traumas that we may endure in Life. These are all reasons to get our spines continuously checked.

As a chiropractor performing an adjustment – I move the bone, innate heals the body. Nerve flow is restored from your brain, down your spinal cord, to all your cells and organs from the inside out.bandscheibenvorfall

The benefits of regular chiropractic care are:

  • Feel as alive and vital as possible
  • Experience sustained natural energy and with less stress
  • Optimal body function
  • Greater immune function and faster cellular healing
  • Increased flexibility
  • Clear mind
  • Great health throughout life changes
  • Best possible benefits from exercise and active lifestyle 
  • Maximize your life potential

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