Runny nose, watery eyes, headaches – if you suffer from seasonal allergies, you’re probably familiar with these symptoms. Especially if you live in Austin, Texas, which has been called the allergy capital of the world!

What are airborne allergies and how can you overcome them? Let’s dive in. 

Your Body’s Warning System 

An allergic reaction is defined as the body’s defense mechanism against an allergen or foreign substance. Alarms go off in your immune system and the body attempts to protect itself from “harmful” allergens. It does this by releasing chemicals such as histamine, which trigger those unpleasant symptoms.  

Common allergens that spark the immune system’s response are ragweed, mold, dust, mountain cedar, and cat or dog hair. Check out the Austin Regional Clinic’s Austin Allergy Calendar to see when different allergens are most prevalent. 

While symptoms like sinus pressure, fatigue, and drainage are what most people associate with allergies, there are other symptoms that aren’t often attributed to allergies. Let’s explore what they are and how they can be relieved.  

Symptoms Hiding in Plain Sight 

You may be shocked to discover how many of your seemingly unrelated symptoms are actually allergic reactions. Other symptoms of allergies include migraines, skin issues, heartburn, fainting, blood-sugar problems, indigestion, and even mood disorders. Often, depression is actually a result of commonly ingested allergens.  

At Infinity Wellness Center, we’ve found that many patients can reduce or eliminate their need for allergy medications by modifying their food intake. What’s happening on the outside of your body, especially skin issues, is often an indication that something is off on the inside of your body. This is why we work to reduce inflammation in an allergy sufferer’s liver and gut. 

The liver and gut help regulate the body and get rid of toxins, but when they’re damaged or overwhelmed from high histamine levels, symptoms can wreak havoc on your body. A histamine intolerance can look like anxiety, dizziness, nausea, hives, and other symptoms. 

Relief Begins Internally 

Every patient presents a unique set of allergy symptoms and requires a custom support plan for relief. We use the Infinity Way to discover all of your seemingly unrelated symptoms, work to heal the root causes, and support your ongoing wellness journey. 

You don’t have to suffer in silence from allergy symptoms anymore! Schedule an appointment with myself or one of our other functional medicine doctors and we’ll help get you back to balanced with a custom allergy plan. 

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