In this video interview from 2021, Dr. Wards interviews one of our Lyme Disease patients. Karly Baughn describes what the process of healing from Lyme Disease looks like.

Karly had previously been tested for Lyme and received results that were negative for Lyme. She had never had a bull’s eye rash or a tick bite, but she was experiencing symptoms that almost led her to a psychiatrist’s office. Dr. Wards and Karly discuss what Infinity Wellness Center did differently with testing and how we addressed her autoimmunity and hormone imbalances during her healing program. We treated Karly’s whole body using The Infinity WayTM 3-step healing process.

Watch the video interview below to learn more about Karly’s healing journey.

Through her Lyme Disease healing journey, Karly discovered her passion for nutrition and now works as our Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, helping other patients recover from Lyme and other complex medical issues.


Learn more about our whole-body approach to healing from Lyme Disease.

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