We’re at that time of year commonly referred to as cold and flu season. But as the telltale sniffling, sneezing, fatigue and other symptoms strike, you probably find yourself wondering whether you have a cold or the flu. Let’s take a look at these illnesses’ similarities and differences – along with some ways chiropractic care and other holistic healing services can help you reduce your susceptibility to both.

Colds and flu are both categories of viral infection, although there are many different flu strains and hundreds of cold viruses. Both types of viruses can show similar symptoms, at least at first. Here’s a comparison:

Colds – A sore throat may kick off a typical cold, followed by upper respiratory symptoms including sneezing, watery eyes, stuffy nose and thin, watery nasal discharge. If a fever is present, it’s usually mild. The nasal discharge may thicken later on, accompanied by coughing if the cold moves from the head to the chest.

Flu – Flu presents many of the same symptoms as a cold, only much more severe. A harsh, insistent, hacking cough (which can lead to pneumonia), body aches and headaches are common in flu cases. You may also experience a crushing sense of fatigue and exhaustion. Fevers caused by flu tend to range higher than those caused by colds; a fever in excess of 100 degrees is more likely to indicate flu.

You can boost your immunity against both viral conditions through smart health and wellness practices, including proper nutrition, sufficient sleep, and chiropractic screenings and adjustments to keep your nerve function (and therefore your immune function) in peak shape. Contact Infinity Wellness Center for more recommendations on how to survive cold and flu season!


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