Autoimmune diseases have a host of frustrating symptoms. From hair loss and weight issues to brain fog and low mood, symptoms can alter your quality of life. At Infinity Wellness Center, we help you find the root cause of your autoimmune disorder to relieve symptoms and balance your body again.

As a science-backed practice, we use lab tests to identify autoimmune conditions, find the root causes, and create custom treatment plans. Read on to see which labs we most commonly run and how their results impact your care.

Uncover the real issues with testing.

Lab tests reveal which autoimmune disorder you suffer from and the stage of your condition. Lab work by conventional doctors is usually analyzed in the pathological range versus the functional range. Our doctors use the functional range – which is more sensitive to nuances than the pathological range – to identify and care for diseases before they fully develop or worsen. 

At Infinity Wellness Center, we run blood tests to find markers that indicate autoimmune disorders. The blood chemistry lab we rely on uses functional medical ranges that highlight low- and high-normal readings vs. the conventional lab range that only triggers an alarm if outside a larger, more broad “normal” range. If antibodies are found in your blood test, it’s an indication that you have an autoimmune disorder.

Fatigue is one of the tell-tale results of autoimmune disorders. To gather an additional layer of information about how we can alleviate fatigue, we also run these labs: 

  • Saliva: We use saliva to test for an abundance of biomarkers like genetic defects (SNPs) and hormone levels. Genetic tests inform us about your cellular makeup and genetic dispositions. The results help us understand whole-body wellness for your diet and supplement routines, types of exercise and anti-aging measures. We test hormone levels in saliva for two reasons; one is that can take multiple samples and the other is that saliva more accurately reveals what’s bioavailable for use. 
  • Urine for Neurotransmitters: Your brain’s chemical messengers (neurotransmitters) control many aspects of your behavior. We identify which neurotransmitters are imbalanced with a urine sample.
  • Stool Sample: We look for opportunistic infections like parasites, bacteria and fungus and the levels of good bacteria to determine if you have malabsorption and leaky gut, both of which can cause fatigue and autoimmunity. 

Watch Dr. Tenesha Wards explain these tests for more details. 

Our science-based plans are specific to your results.  

Through lab tests, we uncover the root of your fatigue and/or autoimmune condition. Our next step is to use The Infinity Way to cleanse and heal the inflamed organs. We typically focus on these five steps: 

  • Heal your gut: Intestinal permeability (aka, leaky gut syndrome) is a condition where the intestinal lining is damaged. A damaged lining allows food particles, bacteria, and toxins to seep into the bloodstream which may trigger a reaction from your immune system. This could turn into chronic inflammation to reduce the toxins that continue to enter the bloodstream because of a leaky gut. 
  • Eliminate food sensitivities: Food sensitivities are often a result of leaky gut syndrome, which result in gut inflammation when exposed to materials we’re sensitive to. This inflammatory process further damages an already inflamed gut and intestines. 
  • Balance your blood sugar: When blood sugar is imbalanced, our bodies cycle through periods of both high and low blood sugar – which impact cortisol and insulin levels. Over time, the body becomes resistant to both insulin and cortisol, and we end up with increased inflammation. 
  • Optimize Vitamin D levels: Vitamin D helps balance our immune responses.  Studies have shown that Vitamin D deficiencies are associated with increased autoimmune development and susceptibility to infection. 
  • Boost Glutathione levels: Glutathione is known as the body’s “master antioxidant” and is produced by every cell. Because it functions to protect our DNA, higher levels can help with autoimmune disease symptoms. 

These are the most common ways we help you get on track to achieve an active, vibrant life. Based on your unique lab results, we tailor your custom treatment plan with additional data-backed recommendations.

We work with you every step during The Infinity Way to reverse or prevent autoimmune conditions. If you experience symptoms of autoimmune disease, we can run the right labs to determine underlying causes and help prevent further disease progression. Schedule an appointment with one of our doctors today and begin your journey to wellness.

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