We know the warning signs when the body experiences bouts of stress. Irritability, fatigue, brain fog – and other mild symptoms. Bodily stress can result from emotional and environmental stress, as well as from improper diet and overuse of antibiotics. But what happens to your body when it’s under stress for extended periods of time? 

Let’s explore the potential impact on the adrenal glands. 

What are adrenal glands? 

One of the first areas of your body to respond to stress are the adrenal glands. These grape-sized glands sit above the kidneys and create over fifty hormones, including cortisol and adrenaline, which regulate blood pressure.  

As you might imagine, regulating blood pressure during times of stress is very important. In most cases, the adrenals release normal amounts of cortisol and adrenaline, causing a temporary increase in heart rate and blood pressure. Your metabolism also slows down to prepare your body to respond to the perceived threat or stress.  

Your adrenal glands can become fatigued if they constantly release cortisol as a response to chronic stress. This means they may not be able to produce the right amount of cortisol for optimal bodily function.  

How does adrenal fatigue impact you? Read on. 

Adrenal fatigue symptoms

The most common symptoms we see for adrenal fatigue include:  

  • Exhaustion, even after a full night’s sleep 
  • Inability to accomplish daily tasks from exhaustion 
  • Limited mood regulation and poor stress response  
  • Forgetfulness or “brain fog” 
  • A second wind or burst of energy in the late evenings  
  • Salty and sweet food cravings 

The most telling and common symptom of adrenal fatigue is an overall sense of fatigue that regularly interferes with daily tasks. This may be accompanied by dizziness, sleeplessness, disruption of your natural hormone balance, skin issues, depression, difficulties with memory and concentration and increased allergies and illness. 

Do you think you suffer from chronic fatigue? Take our 60-second Chronic Fatigue Quiz to rate your symptoms. 

We use The Infinity Way™ to help patients overcome adrenal fatigue and regain their vitality. 

Relief for adrenal and chronic fatigue through nutrition 

With The Infinity Way™, we’ll start to identify your body’s imbalances through an in-depth health history, labs and bodywork. Then, we help you cleanse and repair your internal organs on a personalized program, including specific supplements. Finally, we provide you with the resources to continue your wellness journey to optimal health. 

Cleansing and healing is our main focus for adrenal fatigue. To combat increased stress on the body and prevent your adrenals from being overtaxed, we recommend several lifestyle changes that begin with nutrition. 

A nutrient-rich diet of whole foods – organic when possible – is the base for any healthy lifestyle.  Foods to avoid include: 

  • Processed foods with artificial ingredients, colors and preservatives  
  • Sodas and other sugary drinks  
  • Excessive caffeine and alcohol 

Strive to keep a regular eating schedule – maintaining blood sugar levels is necessary for your adrenal glands to function properly! If you’re prone to skipping breakfast, try incorporating a simple, on-the-go meal into your morning routine to see if fatigue symptoms lessen. Consider a small snack before bedtime to avoid being woken up by a blood sugar crash in the middle of the night. 

To fend off the mid-afternoon blood sugar crash – and the craving for sugar or salt that often accompanies it – keep light, nutritious snacks on hand (think nuts, fresh or dried fruit, and veggies). As part of your evening routine, consume your dinner before you’re ravenous. This also reduces the potential for overeating, which can make overnight digestion difficult. 

A conscious effort to eat a nutritious diet, practice effective stress management techniques, and participate in a regular exercise program can help you achieve and maintain adrenal health, as well as overall body wellness. 

We’re committed to helping you regain your vitality the natural way. If chronic fatigue is keeping you from living a full life, schedule an appointment to get back to balanced. 

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