Drinking too much alcohol and binge eating are among the harmful ways people cope with stress.  After overindulging, your anxiety bounces back like a ping-pong ball and your body suffers as well as your mind. Stress narrows your ability to think clearly, function effectively, and enjoy life. Using healthy ways to deal with stress will improve your overall well-being. There are several ways to achieve your goal of effectively dealing with stress and anxiety. Let’s look at the fastest and best.


You visualize often, but might not recognize what you’re doing. When you run through potential scenarios in your head, you create mental imagery. Much of the time, you don’t control what you see; you let your brain play on your concerns. Visualization in a healthy way to manage stress by picturing a beautiful, relaxing place you would love to visit.

Once a restful movie is running internally, use your senses to make it feel real. If you’re on a beach, for example, imagine smelling the salty air, hearing waves breaking at the shore, and feel the warm sunshine on your skin. Watch seagulls flying and notice them call as the sunlight sparkles on the ocean.

Self Care

Loving parents carry out actions that make their children feel special. They read them bedtime stories and tuck them in bed. They encourage their kids to shine and calm them when they are sad.  Give yourself the same treatment of care and attentiveness to aid in your well-being.

Whether you were looked after in such a fashion when you were a child or not, you can take care of yourself this way now. When you achieve a goal, celebrate; make a fuss of yourself. When you’re down, practice the art of loving kindness. Be gentle, and self-talk your way to a happier mood. Think what a wise parent would tell their children to quell distress. Apply the tender care you would expect from a mother or best friend to yourself.

At the same time, carry out activities that make you feel loved. Take a hot scented bath, or get comfy and listen to an inspiring audio book. Perform nourishing, caring actions to remind yourself you are valuable.


People approach life from a wide range of anxiety levels. Some can take life’s challenges in stride, while others see these obstacles as huge stumbling blocks. Anxiety levels are part of our genetic layout and can make us predisposed to being anxious. By having genetic testing done to determine if you have certain markers, you can make adjustments to help reduce your stress.  The goal of this type of genetic testing is to fill the genetic gaps and supplement what you cannot make and build with a “Multi-Vitamin” specific for your genes. For more information on genetic testing and how it works, read “Genetic Testing Analysis” and “Genetic Defects”.

Chiropractic Care

During times of stress, tension builds and builds, and eventually that results in pain in various parts of the body. Chiropractic care can help in 2 ways. First, when a chiropractor aligns the spine, that tension is released, the body is relaxed, and the literal physical stress on the body is reduced. Secondly, when the spine is aligned, the central nervous system is unblocked and can function effectively. This means that your mind can think clearly, messages are sent and received with precision, and the mental stress placed on you is reduced as well.  

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