The Key to Better Overall Health and Wellness

One of the most talked about wellness topics in recent years is gut health, referring to the state of the microbiome in the intestinal tract. The microbiome is the colony of good and bad bacteria that live in the gut, and there’s good reason it’s a trending topic. 

All the latest research shows that the balance — or imbalance — of the gut microbiome affects almost every other system in the body from the digestive to the cardiovascular to the immunity. In fact, regarding the immune system, specific studies link gut health to not only a person’s propensity to contract viral and bacterial infections, but their likelihood of having a host of chronic conditions and diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune disease, obesity, diabetes and certain cancers. 

Because of this, good gut health has been pushed to the top of the priority list in terms of achieving overall wellness.

The problem is, everyone’s gut microbiome is unique, hugely dependent on not only a patient’s diet and lifestyle, but also their genetic predispositions.  That means there is no, nor is there likely ever to be, a one-size-fits-all approach to gut health. 

That’s what makes gut microbiome testing such a valuable wellness tool. 

Maybe you’ve been exercising regularly and eating a “healthy diet” but still get sick more often than you think you should, or you’re  unable to lose the weight you’ve been been working so hard to shed.  It could be because not all good-for-you foods are actually good for you.  

Depending on your genetic makeup, some supposedly healthy foods may actually be inflammatory to your system, and inflammation is the beginning of almost every chronic disease. Other nutrients may simply not be bioavailable to you, meaning instead of being digested efficiently, they are merely flushed away doing nothing to improve the state of your health.  

Gut microbiome testing analyzes the personal composition of your gut so that you know not only whats lives there, but how it reacts with the foods you eat to elevate or lower your level of health.  With the results of this testing, we can formulate personalized nutrition recommendations to help you reach and maintain your ideal balance of good and bad bacteria to achieve optimal gut function.

It truly is amazing how optimizing gut health dominos into better overall wellness. All of your body systems work more efficiently when nourished properly. 

If you are dealing with frequent illness, autoimmune disease, IBS, or other chronic conditions and would like to try confronting them naturally by optimizing body function, contact Infinity Wellness Center to discuss gut microbiome testing. 

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