What do beets, rowing, and music have in common? They’re each just a few of Dr. VanNoy’s many passions! Get to know Dr. VanNoy and learn more about his inspiration, methodology, and more. 

Why did you pursue a career in Functional Medicine?  

I experienced the benefits it had on many family members throughout my life and I felt drawn to continue learning about functional medicine to serve those with similar struggles. 

What is your main focus in the practice? 

To investigate why the body is not able to heal itself as designed, then help to give the body what it needs to function optimally or remove barriers to the healing process. 

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What do you love most about working with patients? 

Watching patients move through their healing process, learn about why they experienced their symptoms, and what they can do to support and improve function. 

What is your favorite healing food? 

I’m all about those beets! 

What is the one supplement /support you could not live without? 

Adrenal support. 

What is your favorite exercise activity? 

Biking or rowing – preferably outdoors, but indoors works when pollen counts are high. 

What are your favorite activities to do in your free time? 

Anything related to climbing, music, and being in or near the water.  

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How have you grown  personally and professionally  since joining the IWC team? 

Professionally, I have been able to grow my practice with great guidance from mentors and amazing support from everyone at the clinic, all while working in an enjoyable atmosphere. Personally, learning “progress over perfection” has kept me steadily moving forward with self-development even when things can seem rough.  

If you weren’t in functional medicine, what could you see yourself doing? Alternate career/job? 

Climbing guide, pilot, or stuntperson… is there a profession for all three? 

What is your favorite Austin restaurant and what do you order? 

I recently found Phoebe’s Diner, and their smoked beet hash is my favorite! 

Tell us about your favorite place you’ve traveled and why it’s your favorite. 

A small town in Southern Baja. It is completely off the grid and hosts quality surfing off point breaks.  

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