• What if you could know what to do to ensure certain genes turn on or not?
  • What if you were given a program specifically for your genetic makeup to achieve optimal health?
  • What if by knowing what your genes say you can plan for the future with prevention?

Now you can! There was a time that genetic testing was unaffordable.  Not anymore!  We are offering easy and convenient Genetic Testing by Infinity Wellness Center.

Why Genetic Testing?

While the “one size fits all” concept may work for accessories such as watches and scarves, it doesn’t apply to health and wellness solutions. That’s why we started offering genetic testing to help our patients unlock their own unique wellness potential.  We can then develop diets, lifestyle and supplement recommendations for patients based on each patient’s genetics.

The definition of good nutrition and proper exercise is different for everyone.  As we become more aware of how specific nutrients may impact gene expression, it’s important to have the right tools available to help support our bodies.

What is Genetic Testing?

To learn what Genentic “SNP’s” may be causing imbalance in your body.

With the exception of identical twins, there are small differences between individuals in terms of the information that is contained in their DNA. It’s these differences that make each of us unique. For example, one DNA base or “genetic letter” (A, T, C or G) may be replaced by another. These variations can lead to different processes in the body, just as altering one letter in a word can completely change its meaning; for instance, from “g”oat to “c”oat. When the variation affects only one genetic letter, as in the goat/coat example above it, and is common within a population (present in 1% or more), it is called a SNP, pronounced “snip,” for single nucleotide polymorphism.

In some genetic variations, there may be a piece of DNA deleted or inserted in a gene that may also lead to a variation.


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