Fibromyalgia Doctor in Austin, Texas

The medical community is finally coming around to understanding that fibromyalgia is “real.”  But there is still little known about the cause or effective methods of treatment. Many are now turning to natural remedies offered by a fibromyalgia doctor in Austin, Texas.

Fibromyalgia symptoms are commonly associated with chronic fatigue and intense muscle pain in the shoulders, neck, back and hands; however, there are other symptoms that can manifest in this disorder such as headaches, anxiety, depression and even irritable bowel syndrome.

Sadly, for many years, it was not uncommon for patients suffering from this disease to be misdiagnosed, based on one or two symptoms, and some were simply told it was psychosomatic. As a result, medications were often prescribed that were unnecessary, ineffective or completely missed the mark. Is it any wonder that fibromyalgia sufferers have become somewhat skeptical of conventional medical treatments and have begun to consider the natural support offered by a fibromyalgia doctor in Austin, Texas?

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Chronic illnesses often pose serious challenges for most people, not just on a physical level but psychologically and emotionally as well. While there are still medical professionals who are still adverse to the concept of mind and body balance as it relates to overall good health, fortunately, many are now beginning to understand its importance in treatments. It wasn’t that long ago that Chiropractics and the ancient art of acupuncture were considered ineffective but they are now beginning to gain a new found respect because of the relief patients are experiencing with these methods.

In addition, many people are now trying to avoid the inevitable side effects that often come with medications and are seeking alternatives over the possibility of addictive, expensive prescriptions that may cause more harm than good. Natural therapy is aimed toward restoring the mind-body balance by utilizing detoxification and purification, acupuncture, gentle chiropractic massage and nutritional herbal supplements.

If you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have yet to find an effective, healthy way to cope with this disorder, you should consider the natural path with a fibromyalgia literate doctor in Austin.

For more information on fibromyalgia and fatigue read Dr. Tenesha Wards’ article “Awake Again? Fibromyalgia and Fatigue”

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