Whether you live in the Austin area, or elsewhere in the United States, you can receive Dr. Tenesha Weine’s natural healing assistance.
Local appointments can be made for your personal examination with hands-on treatment at the Austin Clinic by calling (512) 328-0505. Your initial examination and treatment with the doctor will last approximately one hour.

Long Distance patients have options

You may do an intensive healing week at the clinic. You may visit Austin for a week and receive several hands-on treatments as well as nutritional and herbal evaluations. Usually, one telephone consultation will precede this week so that Dr. Weine can obtain laboratory-test results prior to the clinic visits. This option can be a fast way to turn your health around. Follow-up appointments are then conducted through telephone consultations. These “intensives” may need to be scheduled several weeks in advance, so please plan accordingly.

Please choose your health above all else. If you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?

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