Controlling Thyroid Issues

The thyroid hormone is instrumental in controlling the rate of your body processes, or metabolism. The amount of the hormone secreted from your thyroid gland determines the way your body uses energy, and the level of efficiency at which your major organs and muscles work. It stands to reason then that a properly working thyroid and a natural hormone balance is vital to your overall health.

But many people suffer from an under- or over-active thyroid gland (Hypothyroidism/Hyperthyroidism,) causing mood swings, unexplained change in weight or appetite, digestive issues, swelling of limbs, fertility and menstrual issues, and more. And because an improperly working thyroid can underlie more serious health issues, proper diagnosis and treatment should be sought. Once the cause is determined and the proper diagnosis made, a treatment plan can be formulated to regulate hormone levels and allow patients to feel more like themselves.

Hypothyroidism, also known as an under-active thyroid gland, means the not enough of the thyroid hormone is being secreted in the body. People with this often experience unexplained weight gain, cold intolerance, slow heart rate, low blood pressure, depression and extreme fatigue and sleepiness. In addition, skin, hair and nails may become dry and brittle.

For this condition, support is fairly straightforward. A synthetic hormone replaces what the body is not making, but because the body changes over time, regular monitoring of the amount of thyroid hormone in the blood is necessary to correctly manage medication dosages.

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In hyperthyroidism, an over-active thyroid secretes too much hormone and speeds up bodily functions, resulting in symptoms like unexplained weight loss, anxiety, irritability, heat intolerance and sweating, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, tremors, and insomnia. Palms may appear red and thinning skin may feel warm and itchy.

Support for hyperthyroidism are a little more varied and dependent upon the patient’s age, diet and overall health, as well as the root causes of the condition. Radioactive iodine and antithyroid medicine are the most common treatments doctors use, but sometimes surgery or other therapies are necessary. Again, regular blood tests are necessary to monitor hormone levels and to make sure support of hyperthyroidism hasn’t caused hypothyroidism.

As with many health conditions, lifestyle changes can work in conjunction with your doctor’s prescribed treatment, such as natural hormone balancing, to help manage many thyroid issues. Taking steps to reduce stress through meditation, prayer, exercise and adequate rest; eating a healthy diet that may include limiting caffeine intake, and stopping smoking can reduce the severity of symptoms. Dr. Tenesha Wards at Infinity Wellness Center can help patients in the Austin, TX area.

Natural hormone balancing can be a pivotal step in achieving a healthy thyroid hormone balance. By choosing natural hypothyroidism balance in Austin, you are taking the first step in the right direction to achieving this balance.

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