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Skin Issues & Anti-Aging

Relief from confidence-crippling conditions.

Many of us experience prolonged skin conditions for which dermatologists don’t always have solutions, which leaves us feeling frustrated and helpless. Common ailments including eczema, psoriasis, hives and bumps are irritating, painful and detrimental to our self-esteem.

At Infinity Wellness Center, we know that skin issues are an indication that the body is simply doing its job of protecting us, since the quickest way for the body to detox is to release toxins through its outer layer. So how does this show up on the skin, and what toxins are responsible for each condition?

  • Eczema is a chronic condition that tends to flare up periodically, and consists of itchy, red patches. The itching tends to intensify at night, contributing to a lack of sleep and a detrimental impact on mood and self-esteem. We have found that eczema is usually caused by compromised liver function.
  • Psoriasis occurs when skin cells build up and form scales or dry, itchy patches. While topicals are often used to treat psoriasis, the root causes are often a dairy allergy and/or gut or liver issues–causes that require a more holistic treatment.
    Small bumps occurring on soft skin (like the back of the knees or the backs of upper arms) are not necessarily painful or irritating but can be aesthetically bothersome. Even more importantly, they’re an indicator that there may be a liver issue that requires a detox.
  • Hives show up as itchy, raised, red or skin-colored welts, triggered by a reaction to a number of things. Typically, the patient has a genetic defect making it so their bodies don’t effectively break down histamine, a compound released by cells in allergic and inflammatory reactions.
  • The skin is your largest organ and one of the greatest indicators of overall health. Unlike traditional practices, we take a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment, getting to the root cause of your condition so you can achieve clear, healthy skin, and better health overall.

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