What to expect on the 21 day Detox:

  • This is a 21 day commitment to improve your health by detoxing and cleansing your entire body.
  • You will feel great after completing the 21 days.  Most people notice their nails are stronger, their hair is healthier, and they have more energy.  Most patients lose an average of 9-18 pounds during the 21 days while the toxins are leaving their bodies!
  • Moderate exercise is very important during the cleanse.  Walk 4-5 times per week for 30-45 minutes to promote the movement of toxins through the lymph system.  Sweating helps release these toxins.  Strenuous exercise is to be avoided during a cleanse.
  • Drink 8-10 eight oz glasses of water per day.  If you’re fatigue or hungry, drink a shake and a full glass of water. You can drink all the green tea you want!
  • Vegetables and Fruits only during the 21 day cleanse.  Eat twice as many vegetables as fruits.  Salads are ideal meal plans using only oil and vinaigrettes as dressings.
  • Protein can be added after 10 days of just fruits and vegetables if needed.  Start with fish 3-4 oz serving twice a day, and slowly add in organic chicken or turkey.
  • Absolutely no sugars, artificial sweeteners, refined (white) carbohydrates, fried foods, or caffeine.
  • If you experience a constipation, persistent fatigue, detox headaches or skin problems do not stop detoxing, contact the office, you may need additional support.

What do I do on day 22?

  • Congratulations!  You have come so far.  Don’t take a step backwards.  Keep your diet as close to the earth as possible eating fruits vegetables and meats.  Organic, raw, Unprocessed and undisturbed is best.
  • Introduce one old eating habit back into your diet at a time.  Going too fast, by introducing too many refined foods at once, may cause rebound weight gain.
  • Add proteins back into your diet one at a time.   Add organic fish, chicken then turkey to your diet several times per week.
  • When eating meats, eat one bite of meat then two bites of veggies.  This will help you to continue with weight loss.
  • I know it is hard to avoid carbs, eat less than 100 grams of carbs per day.  This will help you to continue to burn fat.
  • Eat ½ size portions.
  • Keep walking!  Exercise has become habit for you, don’t stop now.  If you are able you may add weight training, aerobics, and running.
  • Avoid mixing high starches with proteins i.e.) meat and potatoes
  • Fruits should be eaten by themselves.
  • Continuing the SP shakes is a good source of protein, adding items like sherbet, chocolate rice milk and more fruit to it on the morning makes an excellent smoothie.
  • Continue to avoid artificial sweeteners, refined carbohydrates- pastas and breads, caffeine, sugars, soft drinks, and fried foods.

You are on the right path to a healthier, more energetic you. 


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